How Did You Find Theory11?

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  1. We all have our own stories. What I want to know is how YOU found your way to Theory11. Whether you have been here for several years or if you just joined us today, how did you get here?

    I came over after looking for magic tricks on YouTube. I saw a video for a trick (I don't remember which one) and followed the path from there. The forums grabbed me much later as I found some incredible discussion happening.

    Let's hear stories.

  2. Well, I first started by looking up magic on YouTube. Then I found Jason Soll and his flourishing Tutorials. And then I looked up flourishing and found Kevin Ho and his "Portable Playground". Watched the Virts for a while and decided to look at the other guys in the video; Dan and Dave. I found them, and then the Trilogy and afterwards joined their forums. And then I got more into magic and cardistry and heard about the contests and products here. Then came to check it out and I was hooked.

    My story is pretty boring really.
  3. I heard of T11 from all the arguments at Ellusionist and decided to check it out. Also, some of Jason England's downloads were recommended to me.
  4. I found T11 from a friend of mine.
  5. I was reading the E forums before the launch of T11, plus I followed Wayne Houchin & D&D so I was well aware of the pre-launch hype.

    Been just as addicted since then. :)
  6. I was hardcore into the ellusionist forums, and when I saw the video of the "bicycle 1800" I was so impressed because of the flourishes and the guys there that I created a thread asking for it. Someone mentioned "Dan and Dave" and "daniel Madison" and the thread got deleted, after that I received a Pm telling me about this place :).

    Good times, I remember seeing sinful as a mod and "dangerous" as the next big release on here :B.
  7. i first found Ellusionist, googled one of their products (i think it was Wayne houchins DISTORTION) and i found this site selling it. I was so intrigued with the visual cutting edge magic that i saw here, so i bought exile, static, and distortion the next day.
  8. Heard about and saw the teaser videos for the launch of theory11.
  9. I was at the Magic Apple ( my local magic store) and heard that Aaron Fisher was working with some new company, so I came over to check out who he was involved with. Lurked for a while before actually getting tangled into forum debates with Steer, and Morgician.
  10. i was playing with fire and i threw some gasoline into it which then exploded and knocked me unconscious. When i came to the word Theory 11 was singed on my arm. I knew it was a sign so i hopped onto my computer and ta da!
  11. II found out about it from Ellusionist haha:)
  12. My brother told me to check it out after buying a pack of guardians from Wal-Mart.

    My life has never been the same.
  13. I heard Dan and Dave and Wayne Houchin were being involved in another website. I asked around until someone gave me the website for
    I can proudly say I was here from the beginning. ;)
  14. I used to use YouTube as my primary source of magic performances and the sort, then I saw Indecent by Wayne Houchin. I followed the trail to Ellusionist, where I found some more great magic, then I googled some of the magicians, (Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia, etc.) and this website showed up. :)

    I think all of this took place around the release of Symphony...
  15. A followed a glowing doe that walked around the forest for awhile before transforming into a ball of light. It lead me to a frozen lake, and under the ice i saw it..... J.B. posing with a stuffed unicorn.
  16. On penguin magic forums and got involved in the cerca trova hunt. That was an exciting time!
    Picked up distortion and some guardians.
    I've really enjoyed the community and the commitment to quality service and products.

    I'm excited about the coming 11.11.11 cerca trova

  17. I heard of Chris kenners missing link. Needless to say i didnt believe such a peice of magic was possible. I saw the one on one and was hooked to this site.
  18. Awesome stories! Keep these coming - so amazing to hear. Appreciate all of your support, particularly those among us that have been here since day one, August 31st, 2007. We started with eleven artists and no members. We started with nothing. And we made that into something - with support from members like you guys, a great team, and a panel of 42 artists. Within the next 4 weeks, you will see that number rise to 47. Who's next? Check the media section tomorrow for a glimpse. ;)
  19. I found T11 on the DnD forums. I used the site and got some magical goodies but didn't get in to the forum straight away, now I check it regularly.
  20. My story starts off rather simple, but the ending to how I got here is truly once in a lifetime.

    I found theory11 from browsing YouTube. My brother showed me the 21 card trick and he wouldn't tell me how he did it. I looked up "21 card magic trick" and it brought me to some David Blaine videos and the This 'n That trick oddly enough. I didn't find any tutorials for the 21 card trick, but then I found the "Theory11 Beginner" video featuring a bunch of early theory11 artists. I was intrigued and typed in in the search bar. On the front page was the new Andthensome DVD by the Bucks. It then led me to the Trilogy. I wanted this combo set for a while but knew it was too difficult for me. I then found the Forums page and saw a bunch of magicians talking to each other and helping each other out. I signed up and started asking questions. Ever since the release of the Andthensome DVD I was just there on the forums talking to people.

    Here is where it gets crazy:

    In 2010, theory11 uploaded a video titled "Theory11 reLOADED". A new theory11 was emerging, and they announced that something big was coming. They launched the Riddle-Scavenger Hunt contest; each solved riddle leading to newer clues as to what the releases were. I stayed up every night solving riddles. Asking my parents, my brother, all of them were helping me out in solving these riddles. Most of them I solved on my own, but the experience was racing faster and faster. The last riddle was to look at all previous riddle pages to find a secret email. The first few people who found the hidden email address and emailed their mailing address was going to be sent something exclusive. Little did I know that the first person was going to receive something in addition. I searched and searched each page until I found it. I was looking at the image the wrong way and missed the email several times. I looked directly up at the screen and saw it staring in my face. Pure genius.

    I emailed them my mailing address immediately. And waited. They announced something was going to happen at 11PM on August 2nd. I waited on the website, and was Skyping with Zach Mueller. nothing happened at 11, until my doorbell rang. Zach smiled and said "You should go answer that". My heart was racing. I quickly left my chair and raced to the door. I opened it, and saw a package laying in front of the doorsteps. No one was around. Not a breathing soul. This seriously freaked me out. I grabbed it and ran to the street, trying to look for someone. Nothing. I ran inside and opened it up to find a book, along with a "Cerca Trova Official Notice" letter. This was insane. I read the letter to find that I was holding the first deck of Sentinels ever made. The deck was hidden in the book, pages cutout in the shape of the deck to hold it snug inside. This was probably the coolest yet freakiest nights of my life.

    I didn't show anyone what I received until after the day of the launch. I felt like I was a part of the team. Keeping things top secret and having something no one else had. I immediately went to the forums and boosted my activity. I felt that if they went out of their way to do this for me, I should be more active. I posted more, helping people any chance I could, and i was always positive. Over the course of the next month, JB sent me a PM. He told me that the team wanted me to be a moderator for the forums. I said yes immediately. I felt as if I was something important to this community. Even if it wasn't a big "job", it was truly amazing to see myself be apart of a website that I've grown up with.

    A few months later, JB emails me again. This time, he wants me to be a part of the official theory11 team. This not only included forum moderation, but many other things as well. Working on new projects, ideas, Customer Support, etc. This has changed my life in so many ways and I am truly thankful for everything that has happened to me since being apart of theory11. It gave me something to hope for while I was in a dark place.

    If theory11 hadn't put up the Scavenger Hunt Contest, I wouldn't be standing up in this position that I represent now. It's awesome what little things can change your life in an instant, and it's something I will never, ever forget in my whole entire life.

    That, my friends, is my theory11 story. :)

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