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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RDChopper, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. *Remembers the olds times, when these little markings at the front and back meant that we were doing some crazy thinking and beating people with baseball bats. Ah the irony.*
    *Pulls out a Piñata so that the bat that keo pulled out would not go to waste*

    THE FF IS BACK!!! :)

    Welcome back, man. Hope you are doing better with your stuff!
    Also i found my notes for a thing you wanted me to write, *psst, scripting related*.
    Ill send you a PM.

    ::The Promoters
  2. Welcome back ... just by curiosity, why were you banned ? You don't have to answer if u don't want to but i really wanna know :O ...
  3. It was kinda weird, back then I was kinda offensive with my comments towards Jbayme, but I never really got banned for that.

    One day I was like "that's it I'm out of here" and I asked several mods to either delete my account or ban me. It took like a week but they finally banned me for "disrespecting the staff and the forum on multiple ocassions".

    And that's it :), althought I accept, I did was offensive sometimes :p
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    mmm...glad you clarified that...I was asking myself the same thing...

    aunque la verdad fue actuar como un clasico mexicano...

    "me canse y los mande a la chingada!" y cuando despues te das cuenta...quien mando en realidad a la chingada a quien? y quien sale perjudicado al fin de cuentas?...perdon que te diga esto pero si no te lo digo yo, no se quien lo hara

    que bueno que recapacitaste....te veo por aqui :)
  5. La neta, a mi ni me va ni me viene si quedo bien con el staff, y el que este banneado o no, la neta me vale madres, igual hago magia. Sabes como? Yo no pierdo nada al estar fuera de T11 y viceversa.

    Mas que nada extraniaba la platicada. Y de cualquier forma a muchos de los magos de aqui me los encuentro o en facebook o en Ellusionist. Por eso tu analogia si aplica pero no en este caso ;)
  6. sad face

    i need to learn spanish
  7. Well, learn from your past and focus on your future .... ;)
  8. or use babel fish :p
  9. This might be rude or something but why were you banned?
  10. "So that's pretty much it, I'm pretty glad to be back and I look forward to magic discussing, debating and dissing people witouth reason (naaah Im kidding )"

    o really your kidding? interesting...

  11. im fully aware! hahaha
  12. Not rude at all, I just explained above you :)
  13. Wow, I did hurt your feelings. For that I'm sorry :cool:
  14. Bienvenido, es bueno tenerte de vuelta. ¿Cómo está esa cosa de ir a Ellusionist.com?

    Me gusta Google Translate.

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