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Who's participating in this

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  1. well, do you think the forum can support that enormous number of registered members?? i hope so.... maybe if the wire will be revealed that would definitely persuade every one to go online..

  2. I guess that maybe could work.
  3. The record will only be broken when something big is going on at a certain time, giving people a reason to be on. This site is full of people from completely different time zones, and I doubt people are willing to stay up to a abnormal time just to beat a record.
  4. It would be awesome if we had like some t11 crew like lee asher doing this to.:eek:
  5. Wow. What a useful way to spend time.

    Sorry for being an arrogant ar*e, but I fail to see the reasoning behind this. Is this what the forum's about now?

    -Sam H
  6. It's not in the middle of the night, it's in the daytime. I sort of forgot that not everyone is off work or school that day. Just me for spring vacation. I can't do that time, I have to go see my friend in our school's play, but you guys can do that time. I say that you (cardlip) can pick the time. Since you started the thread. Just pick a time and I'll (and hopefully others) try to be there.
  7. honestly, i don't know why this matters at all but if you were to do it, do it during a SNC, when many people are on anyway.
  8. Haha oops misread.

    First of all, this is not my thread.

    Second, I don't really want to pick a time.

    And third, I'm not really that interested in this. I'll wait for the Wire to come out. That should do the trick. I agree with what other's are saying. I don't really see the fun in it if we're all online for nothing. If it's waiting for something like the Wire, the expectation makes it so much more awesome.
    Just my opinion. Take it or leave it. :p
  9. Oh sorry, you and magiclemonbird have similar avatars. So...I guess we settled on a time...sort of. Eh just do whatever you want. Close this thread, it's pointless...
  10. Yeah, it kind of is... anyway your right, when wire comes out the record will already be toppled.
  11. How do you close a thread?
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    u can't, report it. and a mod will close it if they have a good reason to
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    Oh, well who's in with this!

    We should change the date to April 18 3:00 Eastern Time. So more people can come.

    I have pmed a few people and now it is officialy going to be
    April 18th, 3:00 Eastern Time.

    By the way, I have just added a poll to get an idea, roughly how many people will do it.
    -Go vote on the poll!:D

    By the way, if anybody has trouble with the times, I'm sure we can re-do it depending on it.
  14. Why 3pm??!! It should be a little later dont you think?
  15. Alright, I'll be there. This is the date.
  16. By the way, I sent an e-mail to j.b and andrei asking if they want to join. :D
  17. JB's on like 24/7, but he doesn't appear online. ;)
    I know you're reading this Jonny....
  18. Yeah, like he wasn't online and then he added me as a friend.
    I bet he's reading this too
    -Hey j.b :D
  19. your not going to be able to pick a time that fits EVERYONES schedual
  20. Yeah, that's true:D
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