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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I like this one,

    Yep, im done some pretty crazy things for T11, but I think Performing Surgery on a Card is the craziest.

  2. hey guys, i made this one really fast,
    watcha think?

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    a TnR with a difference... (slight inspiration from Huron Low's FiTH, but i'd always wanted to do a picture with a skateboard, or flames...)

    in this photo, i had an 11 written on my left hand, which isnt really visible, and it took me many attempts to get a photo which looked good so i didnt take another to make it visible.. anyway ive only just realised that the flames make out the number 11 which is quite cool...

    this photo was all done with real flames, and rubber cement to keep it burning at the edges... enjoy :D

  4. That looks great mate!

    I dont think it even needs the logo though, it looks great without :)
  5. haha thanks, i wasnt originally going to include it, but i thought since you couldnt see the 11 on my hand i might as well, and ive got a copy without the logo aswell...

    i love the originality of yours btw! its great :)

    hows the site going? i still cant do a review of digital dissolve because it hasnt arrived!! :(... lol
  6. in fact im editing it now to have the logo small and in the corner! thanks for the tip... :)
  7. is another from me...

  8. Bring back memories? [​IMG]

  9. Naughty memories... lol

    Calvin Lauber
  10. Thank goodness I'm not the only one with pictures in underwear on this site.

    Thanks for taking some of the slack off my pics Mitchell. You are awesome.

  11. its not to late to submit a submission am I?
  12. [​IMG]

    Firstly.. I hope I made it in time.
    2ndly the video is not working for me.. so hope this is acceptable
    3rdly.. Finally a competition that doesn't need to massacre my lovely cards :p
  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the actual competition is way over.

    This thread is still active because T11 is going to have a new part of the site where members can have pictures. This thread is where we submit them for now.

  14. Man! yeah I had high hopes.. submit pictures about ourselves with the t11 on it?
  15. ahhhhhh that is freaky
  16. yep lol i tried to make it like that
  17. its ciool though
  18. Hi Guys,

    I just recieved my package. Just wanted to let you know that the magical mystery prize from Daniel Garcia was infact a limited edition T11 toothbrush! Thanks theory11!
  19. Roffle, post a picture?

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