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  1. I know these really do not have '11' Incorperated into them, but I think they are fantastic shots which may represent a bit of the Atmosphere/Community of T11.




    hope u had fun buddy.
  3. [​IMG]
    THis one is really Nice, i was quite proud of it.
    It won 3rd at an art contest i entered

    Just made this for fun 2 years ago

    Thought it was Bamf at the time.

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  4. I like the sunglasses one.

  5. Thanks!
    Ill have to take another shot but use guardians and centurians.
  6. So, whats happening with this?
  7. *cough*


    Took a couple more :)

    'In the eye of the Magician'



  8. Nice one Blink I really like them, especially the last two.

  9. I got 2 submissions... First one is probably more fitting than the second... but I thought the second looked cool and the reason I took it was because it reminded me of t11 :p

    Under Pressure

  10. Just got my smoke and mirrors and was attempting some artsy fartsy shots with them and came up with some stuff im particularly proud of.



    Yes, its got nothing to do with incorporating eleven but i think its pretty cool.
  11. Very nice picture, FOO:L!

  12. My submisson

    Here is my submission, i probably wouldn't have won any contest, but i just wanted to submit one :cool:

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  13. i took this a while ago

    i think it looks cool

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  14. SICK!!!!!!! thats an awesome photo, and did I mention that it was SICK!!!!!
  15. :D
    thanks! feel free to use it as whatever!
  16. man these pics are schweet i gotta post one!:D
  17. Foo:l and cringe.... I'm liking those :)
  18. Woah big picture, but cool nonetheless.

  19. Here's mine.

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