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  1. No Stained S**N this is real ink!

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  2. The face behind the name.


  3. That is insane! Great detail and nice work you got done there =)


  4. HOLY GAZUMPERS! That was dam nice.

    Gazumpers: a made up word by Allan for outstanding excellence!
  5. Thanks, More to come!
  6. I think we should keep this contest going!
  7. Doesn't have T11 in it but has something to do with magic

  8. Just thought I'd pitch in! :)


  9. Cool Pic Mitch, dunno what it has to do with magic.
  10. Same here!


  11. Many of them don't have to do with magic. Check out the winning picture.

  12. Forgot, yeah, I remember Cory's picture, I meant, well, I don't know what I meant! :p

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    Great picture, Tom!
  14. i didnt know a guy named tom isaacson was a theory11 artist
  15. He is the creator of "Prophet" an effect soon to be released through Theory11.

  16. Look! Tom Isaacson!

    Wait... what?... a new Artist? ...


    I guess we will have to wait and find out.

  17. Hi Katie,

    Have we met? You look familiar.
  18. Theory11 Stencil

    Hey Guys!

    I have been waiting for ages for my new account to get accepted, so i jsut went back to my old one.

    In recent events, such as the SNC, and everyone has been submitting photos of things they have done, here is mine:

    So there you are. I hope you like it!

  19. Tom Isaacson

    I was lucky enough to see Tom Isaacson perform at a private event, and he did this "Time Travel Routine" which floored me. Best piece of magic I have ever seen. I wish Theory11 would sell that. He is truly a rising star.

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