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  1. No, it's nothing specific, because I just found it funny for some reason.
  2. Congrats man!

    Your picture looked awesome. Now I'm starting to wonder if the Wire is this new photo page. Maybe?

  3. :11:

    hey class.... sorry i'm late...
  4. Wow that's nice. :)

  5. Wow Reza that is great.

    Keep it up man, your work is amazing.

  6. Thank you, David & RA69 !

  7. cory man great pics, especially the second one! and also katie, pluss everyone whos put some creative shiz in... damn i missed this contest, i would of taken some better photos as the wrist one was just done on a whim... anyway nice photos, looking forward to seeing the section... :D
  8. oh and reza also nice shot... :D
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    coincidence that there are 11 pages eh. but i might have ruined it

    and to the people who submitted pictures, great work! keep em coming
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    Congratulations to Cory and Katie! I loved the all of the submissions!
  11. Wow! Thats Theory 11 quality photography!

    You might have had a chance with this one.
  12. Cory already won. Its not a contest anymore. Your just sending pictures for Theory 11.
  13. Lol I know that... I was joking.

  14. Congratulations Cory! Everyone did an excellent job! Loved looking at all of them. Beautiful photo as well, Katie!
  15. wish i'd found this contest earlier, i found it on sunday, lol! i really would of liked an uncut sheet of guardians, is there a possibilty of another photo competiton, i have such a sick idea.... :D
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    While the Saturday Night Contest has ended, additional and continued submissions are welcome. The best of these submissions (that are displayed in this thread) will be featured and utilized in a new section of the site, showcasing theory11 members from around the world.

    Keep the images coming... (I'll try to submit some, as well.)

  17. hmm yeh i guess, but ive got a pic in there already as mine was the first one, the one with the label on the wrist, check the SNC video.... and also to get my new pic idea into reality i need a weekend really and its too late now..... :( ah well im sure in the future there will be another contest... :D
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    Here's one.

  19. Here ya go...


    PS: If you guys use this and want a bigger file let me know ;)

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  20. I know its late, but here is mine :D


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