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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Is the winner going to be announced an midnight ??
  2. Great submissions tonight across the board. Some amazing images.

    Tonight's winner was chosen off of the criteria of most artistic and best overall photograph submitted in the timeframe. With that said, the standout member tonight was Cory Landels. Both pictures submitted were very captivating, and both capture the style, vibe, and flair we're looking for in these pictures. Congrats to Cory-- great work.

    Katie's picture was great as well, so there's an honorable mention. Katie-- mad props.

    I'll keep this thread open-- keep the pictures coming. Like Cory's, like Katie's, and like JoeCarr's-- the more original, the more artistic, and the more you can infuse your own vibe into it, the better. All of the best pictures will be utilized in the new section of the site showcasing theory11 members from around the world. Keep shooting-- there's no limit after tonight's contest. Some cool, grungy settings would be great to shoot in as well.

    Very nice work all around-- keep 'em coming!
  3. Congrats Cory.
  4. I knew it from the beginning.
  5. Cory,

    Outstanding job!!!

    JB: Thanks for the mad props.

    Everyone had amazing submissions.

  6. Kudos -- there were amazing, indelible, and virtuosic submissions all around. Furthermore, congratulations to Cory -- hope you enjoy your uncut sheet of Bicycle Guardians!

  7. Wait, what's Danny's special prize? Or it was fake. I knew that too.
  8. Yeah what was danny's prize?]
  9. Uhhhh you're a little late.
  10. Congrats Cory. Your pictures are truly breath-taking.

    As well as congrats to everyone else, some of these are simply incredible.

    Keep 'em coming,
  11. I believe there is no such thing as being too late for picture submissions....

    I can't wait to see what everyone has to offer when they have time to think and shoot. I'm really stoked about this.

  12. Wow! Thanks so much everyone. :)
  13. Congrats Cory!

    Fantastic work mate
  14. Congratz Cory!!

    make sure to tell us what Danny's mystery prize is!
  15. Oh my God! Congratulations Cory! Enjoy your prize!

    Great pictures BTW.
  16. good job man.
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    Yo, I just got home, I can't say I'm entirely... here... right now, but I called Mr. Bayme's number, and all I got was a knock on my door from two cops.



    congratulations Cory... you are truly bootylicious.

  18. The single greatest post on theory 11, and Rebel Ace editing it made it oh the sweeter!
  19. Yeah, because before it said "Cody" not "Cory". And I was rather scared since my name is Cody...

    Then, I realized what it should've said and changed it.

  20. Cody, Cory... what's the difference.

    I'll upload my my picture tomorrow... I hope I win that sheet of Guardians!!!


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