Problem at School

I never had a problem with this. I mean I had people challenge me in school with this sort of thing before but, here's my advice.

Trust me, just let it go. Just keep doing your thing. Dedication can out fear anyone like him. Don't let his ego-inflated bulls*%t get to you.

And if he tries to slap cards out of your hands again, punch him in the mouth....repeatedly. Seriously, ...if he doesn't get the message, make sure he gets it....UPS style.

And if you get suspended for a few days, spend it practicing your cards. I doubt your parents are going to get mad at you if you tell them your side.

Don't get mad, get even. (And sometime, even +2)

Best of Luck,

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
Its a Magic Off!!!!!!

Here is my prediction:

Your walking through a crowd of students, looking for a friend, and you suddenly see some cards sticking out of a gap in the students. You walk over, and it is none other than the kid you saw the other day. He gets ready to do XCM and you pull out your cards. He starts off with a Simblisum, and you follow through with Madonna. This goes on for most of lunch, until you remember you have a Ring on your finger and do De' Ring.

In all seriousnes though, it lookes as if he is only good at card magic. Maby do Sinful or even Control. Infact, maby perform Belive, its strong and if there is an effect that can beat it i will be surprised. Just maby try to avoid him, but don't run off everytime he sees you. Play it cool and if he comes over show him what you have got!

May 2, 2008
wow, that is a tough situation... :s

Hey, sorry about what happened. First of all, I doubt he will "befriend" you. If this story is exactly correct, he is a cocky jerk and why would you even want to befriend him? When were you performing? If you can find a time when he isn't there and you can perform that would be the best. IDK walking away sounds a bit risky as he may (and his team of hooligans) come after you(?)... anyway, best of luck, I hope this helped.

My final advice?

Perform when he isn't around, either that or perform one trick, then tell every1 u g2g, but make sure that one effect is more powerful than his. ;)

Best of luck (again)


p.s. dang, im goin 2 highschool next year (14 now) and hope something like this doesnt happen!:eek: to me!
Apr 25, 2008
ive had a similar situation too. I was showing some magic to my friends at school. I showed them many simple things but were very impressed. Then out of no where a kid comes and tries to show some magic, but they werent impressed at all and some ppl even figured most of it . So the next day he buys the rising card and some people were impressed, but i noticed some lack of presentation including things like talking and shuffling. Then he gets mad at me cuz i figured it out. But I didnt want to start anything so asked him if i could try it(not in front of ppl) so i could show him some things he could do like talking more, and doing some flashy, but easy cuts. He took my advice and tried it on some other ppl. He got great reactions and thanked me for helping him. Ever Since then weve been friends and share magic with each other.
Sep 2, 2007
I never would have thought something like that could happen :) seriously, what are the odds :).
If I was in highschool I would be thrilled that there are other card people around. Of course he might feed "threatened" that you could put the spotlight on you, but jeez, what a jerk.

Anyways, don't get yourself into anything stupid. Let him make a fool of himself.
Or: try talking to him in private, maybe you can get him to chill out a bit.

Good luck.
Sep 4, 2007
Wow, thats seems hard to believe. But I'm believing it. That guy is just one mother ****er. What the hell. Just stay away from the guy. Doesnt like T11. psh.
Oct 21, 2007
rivaling against other magicains is the last thing you would want to do, you will just downgrade your self. this is a really unusaul experience so I would'nt know what to do in your shoes, but the easiest advise to give you would be just become friends with him and/or point out that his actions were wrong and really disrespectful to show someone up, especialy to a person of your own art.
PS if that kid is a member of these forums and reading this post, SHAME ON YOU

wow, now i feel pretty lucky to be the only magicain in my school! :)
Sep 1, 2007
ok, so this jerk comes over, knocks stuff out of your hand and then his little friends come over to back him up because he's not man enough to do it alone? I understand his friends just saw him and stuff but a real magician has to cordial with everyone, it is part of being an entertainer.

My advise? Stay away from him. I would go practice tricks from books (nowadays, he'll never see that coming). Also, if you do a trick and people enjoy it (which is the only reason to do magic for others, to entertain) and he starts to come over, tell people that you will like to do more but that the jerk who knock your stuff on the ground is coming, and you only perform for wonderful audiences like them, not imbeciles like that guy. Quietly walk away. I am sure the guys arrogance will end his magical aspirations.
Stay cool and collected, and try your best to be reserved and continue practicing. Magic is probably more valuable to you than it is to him (since he can't seem to just enjoy a performance), so try to keep your cool.

Sep 1, 2007
I've encountered similar types of "magician" as this guy before.

Telltale sign that he's going nowhere with this: the first thing he chooses to do is show off with a couple of fancy cuts. Magic is public fun for him.

The best way to show him up is to perform effects that involve more audience involvement. If you don't have Kenton Knepper's Kolossal Killer, I suggest you get it. It's a great effect yes, but there's a verbal subtlety in there that makes people think they're the ones that did the work. Apply principles like that, and you'll have much more value in your audience's eyes than this guy.

Lazydog gave the one funny put-down, but my personal favorite to use on a particularly persistent troublemaker is taken from David D'Angelo. "Your shallow grabbing for attention is almost as appalling as your physical appearance." Not to be used lightly though, as this could get you a beating.

If he confronts you again, dismiss him. The people you're talking to were there first, and you want to subtly let them know they're more important to you than him.
At my school I have at least five GOOD magicians. The rest are all youtube kids. But anyway, we all have a sort of code. We don't reveal eachothers tricks. We don't critize them in front of others. The first to bring a trick to school is the only one allowed to do that trick unless told they could do otherwise. (That rule gets broken a little) and a few others. You could try to make this sort of agreement with "junior" since he is obviously feeling threatened since there is another magician is in school. I think it would solve things up pretty well.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
Do what everyone else has said...

OR you could buy The Heckler by Brian Tudor and use a lot of the same principles and do what all magicians say don't do!

Or just buy it for the GREAT and CLEAR teaching...

I'm being facetious.
Oct 23, 2007
wow how to solve maybe not doing magic at school is an idea. but that could be hard i dont know what to tell you man
Sep 2, 2007
Visalia, CA
What a butt monkey!

Wow, man that really sucks

just try to ignore it, and if he hits your cards to the floor again, steal his cards and start doing his flourishes in front of him lol

But if you do have a magic-off, remember to end with your most powerful effect and be kind to the audience:)
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