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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by UnknownMagician93, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Dude....Dan.....I'll repost what Viet said on UC before the same exact thread got closed. I suggest this thread get closed too.

    "UnknownCardist93 wrote:

    So my point is, I don't like how someone is considered better than another person because he is more well known than someone else.

    Viet: My point is you have no point.

    Example : There's this dude named Jambo, and I doubt you ever heard of him until now, that from what I hear is probably one of the BEST flourishers ever. EVER. He is not well known at all.

    You, Unknowncardist93, I'm sure are known by a good number of people. Referring back to your point, are you considered better than Jambo (or anyone else not well known), just because you're more well known? lol, my ass.

    I haven't seen this happen ever.

    Sure, I have seen people LIKED better, because they are well known. But considered better? Get the f*ck outta here.

    UnknownCardist93 wrote:
    I think we need to drop this attitude ASAP so the flourishing community can continue to make progress.

    Viet: Man, I'm really starting to get sick and tired of your bull****. Stop talking like you know a thing or two about flourishing, or the community.

    I think we need to drop YOU ASAP so the flourishing community can continue to make progress.


    M has a really good point. Looks like you just got OWNED.
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    Edit::/// wooops I read the post wrong ;).

    EDIT(2):://MLB, shut your mouth and chop your fingers off, I hope you read this before my post gets deleted, but you are in no position to talk. Either get to practice or chop your fingers so that you stop posting. Your choice.

    EDIT(3)::// I just re-read this part:
    Looks like you owned yourself there MLB...
  3. This thread is really not my cup of tea, but I want to point out that the original post which was very hard for me to read do to the whining voice I hear while reading it. This original post apply to everywhere in the world, stop making cardistry seem more then it really is juggling cards. You know I really feel that in this case the phrase takes one to one is relevant.
  4. Thank you for that post Eugene, wise words that I have been following. People don't get popular because they post the most, they get popular because instead of posting more, they practice more and get better. This reminds me of something JB said once he went to a session with Chris Kenner and Jason England, he didn't talk, he listened to what these modern day magic genius' said about many topics and techniques in magic.
    And on that note, I think this thread should be closed, it has run it's time. And if someone is going to bash me for this thread, it doesn't matter. I probably will not respond again in it anyways.
  5. Exactly! This is true for nearly every area of life. It's crazy that certain people get upset simply because the established professionals who have proven themselves as such have more credibility, and receive more respect and recognition. Obviously people are going to revere the work of an established artist over that of an unknown.

    Example: Tattoos, and tattoo artists.... people want tattoo artists who have established themselves, because if you're going to get a tattoo you want to get it from the best. You wouldn't get it from someone who's work you've never seen before. Yeah, the beginner tattoo artist might be very talented and might do a great job, but he doesn't have the respect of people until he's given enough tattoos. Whereas an established tattoo artist, who is very experienced, that tattoo will be revered over maybe even a better tattoo given by a less known artists, simply because it was from that well known artist. My buddy got just an OK tattoo from a famous tattoo artist who's given tattoos to most of the famous rock starts, but he loves it because it was from that guy and that other AMAZAING work he's done in the past and the reputation that preceded him.

    However that doesn't mean the unknown can't earn his place. The answer to earning your place is hard work, dedication, practice, and simply getting better, going through your trials and receiving your lumps. Once you get better, you'll be able to venture out and create your own, unique material, then people won't say you lack originality. Perform, and if people like it enough you'll get a good reputation.

    Kudos for getting established moves down through the purchasing of DVDs, but after a period, it's ok to create your own material. This I believe is what Steerpike would consider a true artist, someone who creates something original, or at least makes a personal discovery and attempts originality rather than just copying moves. That is where you will earn your respect in the community. Creating rather than just copying. Artsit vs Clone.

    The winners of the CCC2009, didn't have the fastest moves, or even the most complex, but they did had originality and creativity, and they've earned a lot of respect for being artistic, as they've actually created something new.

    but srsly, unknown cardist, gtfo, lurk and practice.
  7. You suggest this thread get closed before evryone starts bashing you because you know thats whats gonna happen.

    And you do know hat M and Viet are 2 different people right??:rolleyes:
  8. I agree, The Beatles are awesome. Gotta love Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Listening to that now. Much better than most of today's garbage anyway.

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