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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by UnknownMagician93, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. First off all I have to agree entirely with steerpike and Dragon posts, and that said...

    Uknown magician, your whole first post was to me like "I dont like being criticise by the "so call" pros, and I dont like the favouritism either"

    To me thats bull, I used to hang a lot in the decknique forums but I didnt post because I wasnt in a position to talk, rather than that, I enjoyed watching new videos and the criticis to them what I saw there was that the general response to a new video (considering that the only intro to the video was "Here is my video, enjoy and tell me what you think about it") was:

    "Its looking good, but you have to smooth some parts, it lacks originality."

    "you are doing good I only didnt like this part(insert flourish here)"

    "it was okay, 3/5 stars from me dogg"

    Even when a member posted as a description of his video"this is my first video, and I know I lack originality" the responses were good and none of them called him out on that.

    So, considering that you only have a month flourishing and knowing how the bussines is, I dont think you are in a position to talk,seriously.

    BTW, one of the only things that have gained bashing from members to a new video is when the video creator doesnt credits the people that created the flourishes. Get informed and stop your attemps to do controversial threads, you are just drowning yourself.

    Another thing, calling out either steerpike or Dragon is weak, be a man and for once listen to what they are telling you because you are getting so obstinate that you are not listening, the only people supporting you(no offense) are people that either dont flourish or that just know how to do the werm and they consider themselves flourishes, and again, see the people that are against you. PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY KNOW THEIR STUFF.

    And if you try to make a come back, make it a good one. please.

    EDIT::// and just for the record, the people that actually are pros arent like hating the "noobs" as you call them, when I started in the flourishing thing I asked for help to both Viet and Eugene, and they both helped me a lot.
  2. Sigh...

    You know what the problem is?

    - People who see criticism as bashing and then rant non-stop about it.

    - Beginners with SUPER-inflated egos.

    These are probably the main reasons why people mistake the cardistry community as being elitist. People don't say things like "you're not good enough yet, work harder" or "not smooth enough" or "I didn't like your video" for no reason.

    Instead of coming to the forums and ranting your ass off, just keep an open ear to advice.

    Thats all I have to say for now.
  3. don't you think it's time you stop being so annoying.
    202 posts or so and everyone has been completely useless or there are posts already out there addresses the same topic.

    "this is a really funny topic"
    get some more experience before you talk about the community

    & to argue your point it's not who is famous or popular it's just what that person has to offer. he/she is just better.
    Your examples of jordan lapping and what not is bs

    stay off the forums cause you posts too much crap
  4. Blow me. Unlike you, I'm not out to prove anything.

    But while we're on the topic, how about you prove to me that I'm wrong? Where are the people who are going to bring some legitimacy to card manipulation? Give your rant a little substance for once and maybe I'll deign to talk to you as an adult.

    To repeat, blow me. My posts could be in single digits and I'd still say this to you.
  5. I could name some names of people that are told they are better than they really are just because they are popular. i could also name some of the people that tell them that because they are blinded by popularity. but i dont want to offend anyone because most of them are on these forums a lot.
  6. Name them anyway. You're not going to give these people a wake-up call by being too much of a coward to call bull****.

    Don't want to offend anybody my ass. Your post before this wasn't exactly punched up by Fred Rogers. You had the balls to talk smack to someone last night. Did your balls drop off between now and then? Tell us the names.

  7. No no Im not complaining that people are bashing me and what not.Its not even the bashing that is the biggest issue with me. Its the fact that because people are popular, they are NOT critisized even if they post a crappy video.
  8. I sympathise with your point of view and have thought the same in the past. But show me a video of a popular flourisher with a badly executed but well received video, and we can progress further. As Steerpike said - names, or in this case, videos.
  9. Why do you persist so wholeheartedly with an argument you can't even prove is real? Why do you think said people became "popular" in the first place?
  10. why don't you talk more often leon..? -.-

    if you really don't like it, do what i do. stay off the forums unless you have a good point to bring to the table. forums only hinder you from doing something more productive. random trash forum-talks won't get you anywhere.
    the best thing to do on the forums is to just read and learn from other peoples thoughts and ideas and not waste your time getting into random conversations.
  11. Thank you.
  12. I love the hostility and how everyone regards themselves here. Personally I think the argument in the first place is just stupid, who cares how many stars your video gets again? In short, if your vids aren't getting 5's, stop making them and practice until you get to a skill level where "hmm, should I make a forum topic about it?" doesn't come into your mind.

    Once you reach a certain skill level, you won't have trivial thoughts about the community's opinion or 'amigoodyet?' You'll just know, now jesus ****, stop posting.
  13. What the hell are you thanking him for, he essentially told you to shut up and listen to people that know what they're talking about? Until you start thinking and acting in a competent manner, please leave.
  14. LOL(word count)
  15. lol such a threat on T11 :D

    I think the rating system is overrated :D

    do your stuff. and if you like it post it anywhere do so.
    some times you'll get bashed, and sometimes you'll get good feed back, but just take your time for making a video.

    I also made some videos sometime ago, but because I've got critizised I took my time to practise.
  16. I REALLY think everyone needs to get off their computer and go flourish, like now. Stop complaining, go and get better. You act like its this high and mighty thing. We play with friggin cards. Its actually getting to be funny. People complain more than they flourish.

    The thing to do right now is close down every forum for a month. See who comes back.
  17. What!! you cant seperate a teenager from his computer!(or phones,twitter,psp's,Ipods,myface,spacebook..)
    thats just madness
  18. Actually I was thanking him because he made me realize how stupid this entire thing is and how he is right that I should spend more time focusing onwhat matters.

    See, thats the differnece. He presented relevant advise in a relatively nice/calm manner. He might have been telling me to shut up and practice but atleast he presented it with valid reasons/examples.

    I'm more inclined to listen to Eugene than people who tell me to "stop reaching up my ass and get off the computer" when they themselves are on the computer.
  19. You're only hurting yourself when the only criticism you accept as valid has to be smothered in fairies, unicorns and Barney themed paraphernalia...
  20. You kinda remember me of MLB :D:D:D:D
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