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  1. Holy Sh*t!!!! I've been waiting for this trick for like a kagillion years!!!!! :p
  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I can finally get this!!!! I get so many questions about this effect. Now I can do it!!!!!
  3. I think I'll wait for reviews on this one (saving for TA)

  4. Ewww, this looks like a reputation maker, but I don't wanna make people throw up
  5. ...This is stupid. My humble opinion, sorry. But why would anyone do this? It's one of the most distasteful things you can do in magic and it's not appropriate for the majority of professional gigs you can get hired for. It's useless. It's an effect that can get you fired if you do this for a living. It's an effect that not many people would want to see if you're just doing this for fun. There's a difference between entertaining people and blatantly grossing them out... and there's no point in grossing them out. What are you proving? That you can be like Criss Angel? It's a laughable effect-- kids doing this won't be taken seriously. Adults doing this will be offensive.

    I'm sorry. Bad magic just bothers me. No offense to Sean Fields. I know he has some really elegant, workable material out, but this something I just wouldn't touch. To me, it lacks appeal, logic, and overall entertainment value. ...And that's just from seeing a trailer. I'd tear this apart in real life.


  6. It is a little hard not to take offense RS. However, of course you are entitled to your opinion. Personally, I have had great success with this effect. I have never been fired from a gig for performing it.

    Tear it apart in real life? Dude, I don't know what I have done to you, or why you are so confrontational, but relax. You have an issue with bad magic? So do I. That is why Criss Angel hired me as a consultant. That is why I create magic; TO TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER FOR ME.

    If you dislike the video, then don't buy it, don't support it, and just forget about it. There will be something new tommorrow for you to 'tear apart' from your armchair. I will be out doing magic.

    The bigger problem, however isn't bad magic; it's bad magicians. And unfortunately, they are in the majority.

    Now I am sorry, but I can't take ambiguous 'expert' attitudes delivered via the internet just bothers me.

  7. Took the words out of my mouth. I'd also like to ask how RS can know how everyone will be "grossed out" by this effect.
  8. Yeah, What he said!!

    Personally Sean I think that it is a great effect and I love all of your magic, so don't listen to pessimistic people like RS, very original.

    Romeo if you consider yourself a magician you would take pride in other peoples work because without people like Sean, and even Wayne Houchin, or Justin Miller you probably wouldn't be in this position right now. So even if you think his effect is "bad" there is no need to bash him. Stick with it Sean and don't listen to Romeo.

  9. Wow! Cool.
    Romeo you know I respect you as a performer and a person
    But I disagree! This is EXACTLY the kind of macabre effect I'd
    Love to do.

    Sean I look forward to reviewing this as soon as I get back to LA
    From my trip to Michigan.

    This may become a staple in my show!
  10. as im sure steerpike is gonna say - its all about your target audiance.
  11. Sean, I apologize for apparently coming off too harshly. For the record, I said I do respect your work-- I think you have some of the most interesting angles in mentalism in recent history. Your ring flight effects are very elegant and demonstrate a genuine passion for thought in magic. ...I just fail to see any of that in this particular effect. I remember watching Criss Angel perform it on national television-- and I don't think he really pulled it off well at all. It irked me ever since that episode aired... I guess I don't see the art in it. I also don't see how it makes any sense... a coin reappears in a bleeding cut. All I see is a desperate attempt at getting any reaction from an audience-- even if it's a negative, disturbed one.

    But as previously stated, different strokes for different folks. I understand that. I can respect that. The unstated point of my previous post was that I think it's important for people to question material. All too often, people buy something just because it looked "intriguing" when someone else did it... but they end up ruining the effect, the performance, and the overall reputation of magic in someone's mind. If one spectator feels offended by one experience with a magician's act, I think it's harmful to the overall community as a whole. And unfortunately, I feel it's very easy to do with this type of effect. Frankly, it's too "extreme" and comes dangerously close to leaving a bad taste in too many situations, professional or casual.

    Again, it's only my opinion. To be honest, my observations probably aren't even worth much to the community as a whole anyway. I'm sure people will still get this. People will still enjoy it. I just won't be one of them. I'm sorry I can't see eye-to-eye with whatever thinking there was behind the effect. So with that, I'll digress out of respect for its creator.


  12. yeah I understand what your saying.

    I myself find it quite a (I know I know) pretty effect, because (I think) it startles people into something that's come from a horror film and is know in front of you.

    I have quite a twisted imagination (according to my friend) so I can see how I would present it, but I understand lots of people will buy because "omg that and AAAWWWWSOMEEEEE trick and it loooks cool, im sooooo gonna freeek out my fwends and skkoool!!!!!!11!!!"

    and they go on to look silly.

    but performed in the right atmosphere with the right people this could be something (I think) pretty :)
  13. haha do thread, then this. that be awesome I may try that
  14. has anyone bought this? how is it, are there any reviws for it yet?
  15. I'm working on a venue in which this could actually be useful to me. The plot would actually be at home and appropriate in this particular venue and to the audience.

    That's all I'm going to say about that.

    My buying this isn't a done deal yet. But it is on the table.

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