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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Very true. MANY assumptions (cough* the wire* cough) have been made. Hopefully expectations have not been raised too high.

    And yes products WILL be released for sale on Saturday (as per JB's earlier post).
  2. wow, i am so stoked for this, cant wait!
  3. Hmm i cant wait! However i only think the new deck will be released this Saturday and the rest are just trailers. Theres no way they could expect to get a lot of people to purchase 5 items in one go and wouldnt seem right (for a busniess...i think)

    But still am pumped to see what happens!
  4. JB said everything would be available for purchase on Saturday.
  5. Nice, well I'll be saving my paycheck tomorrow :D Let's see what T11 takes out of the oven on saturday
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    Just to be clear, nearly everything will be up for sale immediately Saturday....nearly everything ;)

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    I don't mind theory11 holding back a couple of things if waiting is going to make either: A. The product better, or B. The release of that product better.
  8. I think we all have to realize if some things are not released it's going to be okay. I mean, if you release EVERYTHING it won't get as much sales as if you release somethings at once but sell the rest later. In my mind it's a better strategy in terms of income and sales. When you release stuff all at once not everything will get as much attention. Get it? They want to make sure everything gets its deserved attention. Since Saturday is my birthday, you know where my birthday money will be going. :p

  9. Nope. Where? Strip club?
  10. But JB said everything will be released..

    However, I agree with Casey.:)

  11. Exactly, he promised, and said spread the word. But I think we can cut him some slack on this one.
  12. Yeah, strip club? Bring lots of ones, a big smile, a camera for pictures, some extra virgin olive oil, some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, bubbles, ryan seacrest's white teeth, hand puppet for giggles, some gaffs, a few ping pong balls for various games (including but not limited to: beer pong) and a dove. :D
  13. Don't worry guys, I edited my post slightly to make better sense, might of been slightly misleading, but you will not be disappointed :)

    Only 2 more days =O

  14. I don't understand , I have just logged on to theory 11 after a Month of being offline what this massive secret can anybody help me
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    From what I understand:

    Five products were said to be released soon.

    A massive hunt began. Pages where diamonds, why so serious? :eek:... I don't know.

    Bay Bay admitted to lying to us, all of us! (They're releasing seven products instead of five, sneaky S.O.B.).

    Now we're waiting till saturday to find out what the hell they'll release.

    Some say the wire, some say a new deck of cards, some say we'll see armageddon soon... (tool reference). I don't know, wait till saturday, it'll feel good man.
  16. I would not be surprised to see a site re-design. Not sure if it has been mentioned before or not.
  17. There are many images of what look to be a site redesign in the hunt. I suppose they could be the wire as well, but hey who knows.

    Since the hunt is over I don't think anyone will mind if i post these links:


    These all have web design elements in them (along with some card designs).
  18. I think that you should have to donate all of your B-day money to charity for winning the contest :)mad:) and having a deck of cards delivered to you at 11 o'clock by T11's team personally

    P.S. congrats man
  19. The compass page looks like it has the price of $5.99 in it - possibly the cost of a new deck?

    Also it would probably be to costly for a site re-design as this one is fairly new and would be kinda pointless, i think.
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