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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by James Smith, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. I finally got a friend into magic, and he's getting really good fast. I've been doing magic for a little less than four years and him less than a year.

    We both want to do some flourishing, and we were looking at part two of the Trilogy with the Bucks. The moves look like they will take some practice, but anything can be accomplished with determination.

    What I was wondering if it would be ok for both of us to pay $15 and share the DVD. Would this be considered unethical?

    Thank you for any input.
  2. not sure. if i know a trick i'll usually show it to my friend (magician) and he inturn will help me with my magic and so on.
    what about the bucks? would they buy one trick dvd and share? or buy 2 for each other?
  3. Ha! I never thought about that! How ironic.
  4. yeah as far as dnd would care they get the money so yeah....
  5. No, he's your buddy, as long as you don't use it to make money or anything.
    If you really want to support them then you guys could buy another DVD or something...
  6. maybe you could watch half the dvd, and your friend can watch the other half
  7. Is this actually a serious thread?

    Is this actually a serious answer?

    Can't you people use common sense just a bit?

  8. Is it unethical to share a drink?

    well. yes. but people do anyways. stop stressing. just do it.


    LOL at the above poist haha
  9. This sort of thing isn't worth worrying about, it's nice that you think about this about this but to be honest nobody really cares. I heard the Trilogy sold over 8000 copies, maybe more, I can't see the Bucks being bothered about you sharing one copy with your friend.

    I agree, a bit of common sense would really help in many threads on this forum, sometimes you just need to make your own judgement on things.
  10. Common sense is neither when you get right down to it because everybody is too busy trying to be clever to use actual logic.
  11. Why is it that people seem to think that super special awesome shiny ethics are the only way to go in magic, when they steal [insert non-magic media] off the Internet all the time? Or do other unethical things all the time?

    I know people who wont share magic DVDs, but they will watch Iron Man on you tube. What the hell?!
  12. We've decided to share the DVD. We're each going to pay half, and then lend it to each other.
  13. why doesnt just ask an Artist how they feel on the subject?
    Instead of asking people on forums
  14. That sounds like a good idea, but where would I ask an artist? I've PMemd (apparently that's a verb now) artists before and they've never responded.
  15. Just go with your gut instinct; you don't need someone else to tell you what your morals are, if you believe it's wrong, don't, if you think it isn't, then buy it with your freind. This isn't a complex problem or something lol.
  16. Thats strange,I always get a response in less than a day..
    try J.Bayme.
  17. 40% of magicians download dvds from torrent... sa youl be fine
  18. Actually it kinda looks like he does. Pathetic really.
  19. Wow, a person comes on here to ask a simple question and we have to turn against them. That's sad. Like I already said, we decided to share the DVD.

    I asked this question, because I'm always reading a post on either the T11 or E forums saying that they are sharing a DVD with their friend, and then lots of other users coming on and saying, "U mite as wel ov pirated dog." or "That is in no way ethical. You are practically stealing from the artists. You do not deserve to call yourself a magician."

    Seriously, I'm just asking a simple question and you guys turn against me. I personally think it would be fine for us to share the DVD, but I know others consider it wrong. I just wanted some input that's all.

    Members on this forum just love to argue, don't they?

    For one last time I will say it:

    We decided to share the DVD. Each of us will pay $15.
  20. Who cares what others think is wrong? Hmmmm? What's wrong with following your own morals and not giving a flying duck what others think about it?


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