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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by deceptioproverum, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. There are plenty of ways to deliver the old message in a modern sense.Opinion has nothing to do with it.

    And who the heck said that metal/hardcore has anything to do with being atheist or satanic?
    One of the most brutal bands I know which is KILL WHITNEY DEAD has the lead singer that is a jew and two other christians in the band.
    NORMA JEAN is metal and fully christian.
    THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA band is the same.
    I could go on. Whoever said that wins the ignorant sap of the day award.
  2. Now can we please turn this back into gospel magic discussion?
    If your an atheist/agnostic or whatever the heck,what the heck are you doing here?
  3. To Visualartist, it honestly doesn't matter to some people if those bands have christian members or not. They don't see them as furthering christian goals, even if they would preach the word. Just a little something.

    To getting back on the task, I wrote my thoughts on gospel magic and I disprove it of highly because you will get to many people thinking you're that crazy person showing them a "trick" preaching god, instead of showing them an effect that astonishes them and really fools them.
  4. Gospel magic is a specialized form of stage magic. Stage. People know what they are going into when they appear at the show. And ive seen alot of gospel magicians wow audiences so ive personally seen it.
    About the bands.That kid was saying all metal bands were atheists. I disproved of that thought easily. And Norma jean is very active in their church and their lyrics are about jesus and god so im preeeety sure people know. Though I love that they think in modern sense and not conservative old style.
    Same with devil wears prada. And other metal/harcore christian bands. People DO know. And the priests that know them and members of the church do see them as furthering christian goals.
  5. i agree with visualartist here.
    devil wears prada is a very christian band. their actually from dayton ohio and i've had the pleasure of meeting them a couple times. just because their music doesn't include a chorus in the background doesn't make them not christian.
    there are SO many hardcore/metal bands that even preach on stage before, during, and after an act.

    and i personally think that christian magic is a good idea if it's being held in a church or a religious gathering but beyond that, i don't find it fitting. most people these days brush off anyone who tries to push their beliefs on them.
  6. Well said, and perhaps something profound to consider.
  7. Well, perhaps we can jump start this thread again. Let me re-ask the following question

  8. And right she is.
    And thats what Gospel magic is. Its a form of stage magic always held in church setting or gatherings.
    Another reason I like this girl. You just had to live in another state huh? haha
  9. I have no idea who those bands are visualartist, I was assuming they were hardcore metal bands not singing about God. However the note I mentioned about furthering Christianity goals isn't a good thing, it's talking about how the corrupt religions we have now. To many people have personal goals that they claim is through advancing and having Christianity goals and nonsense.

    People just need to preach and teach the word, not further Christianity, what is there to really further in a certain religion since it's based on past writings. Just wanted to clear it up.
  10. preaching and teaching the word is the same as furthering christianity. What else would it be?
    Atheist preach and teach their word as well. furthering atheism as well just the same.
    But lets take this to PM's. This is about gospel magic. Not christian hardcore/metal bands.
  11. Agreed.

  12. Agreed cause we took it to PM's? lol
  13. Hey guys thankyou all for commenting and I have gotten some pretty good ideas from this thread

    just a quick note, it kinda bothers me when people say that they are trying to convert someone I mean that is what we're doing but when said that way people think that its a contest and we are only doing it to get as many people as possible to be a christian. See, I'm trying to tell everyone I can about how Jesus can save you from hell, and do that in a nonthreatening way. Plus I believe that telling people about the gospel w/out using scripture is pretty impractical because that is the only thing God gave us as a guide to how to live your life with love and compassion tward one another. See Jesus didnt walk up to someone and say without me you are going to Hell forever and ever Amen (although this is true, who would liten to someone as harsh as that). He said I am the way, the truth, and the life and noone comes to the father except by me. He wasnt rude or mean he just said it like it was and let everyone he knew about it ( and yes that includes people outside of church) and thats the way a Christian should be. :))

    p.s. and no I dont think I am perfect and have magical powers :))
  14. hmmm

    It simply doesn't work. Magic comes from the power of Satan. jk

    I was performing for a church. And just by chance the month before I was doing the gig I was vacationing down in Branson, MI. One of the magic shops down there just came out with gospel tricks dvd's. 2 volumes. I picked one up and there were about 5 solid effects that I used for the Church function. One of the mothers came and thanked me for adding a christian touch to the show. It was something not expected.

    I'm not christian. was...will never be again. Magic is about reaching your audience. You have to pick and choose what to show, and what not to show. I think if you go hard core with christian magic it could easily backfire. There are a lot of people that would be offended. imo.

    well not sure if you interested in the DVD's but here is a link to them:

    Have a good one.
  15. Cool thanx I will check it out :)

    and thanx for actually sticking to the point of this thread while calmly giving your opinion :)
  16. when you read some books, and not copy paste from wikipedia, then i will read your nonsense.

    in the meantime, lookup works of christopher hitchens, or other noteables, not internet sources.

    If you kids want to believe in the talking snake, the virgin birth, floating to heaven bodily, raising the dead, living to 900 years old, living for 3 days in a fish, the earth is 5000 years old etc etc

    then i feel nothing but pity for you.
    end of story.
  17. [​IMG]

    Seriously dude believe whatever the hell you want to believe. I have pity on you because you have nothing better to do then to dispel teens and tweens religious faiths. Wow your the big man, I hope it feels nice and cold in your cave with your heart of stone.
  18. Spoken like a true teen atheist. Ugh makes me sick that your such a cliche.
    Talk to us when you grow up a little.

    Look up antony flew. Your old poster boy for atheism.
  19. okay there is no reason for that kind of stuff so please take your conversation elsewhere and stop posting on this thread

    God Bless :)
  20. I agree with you Phenomena, however I'm not going to write it since it completely retracts from the original post. Just chill out on the posting and keep some comments to PMs.

    If you really wanna get into it then PM me and we can talk. I'm agnostic btw so while I agree with some points I believe there's a power and we can't come from nothing.
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