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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Manahan, Jul 21, 2009.

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    check under featured videos.
    I don't know how this happened, or how old it is. But it still isn't right.
  2. I cant view the video. What trick did he expose?

  3. It was a crappy version of triumph with a bunch of stupid jokes, it was more of a comedy video than exposure.

    and Manahan, you are just spreading the exposure by it here, there is nothing we can do about the video. Please remove the link.
  4. Hopefully it will spark an interest in someone out there to start doing magic! after all, almost every single person here started magic will tutorials on youtube...
  5. it´s Not big deal, there are countless videos in youtube exposing "thriumph" and this one looks a little better produced than the ones in youtube of kids in their pijamas... and I think that this kind of videos can get people into magic and not affect it in any way.

    besides if somebody wants to get into magic, is always a good start to check this videos, for me it doesn´t make sense that they should buy a DVD because they don´t know anything that includes the ethics in exposing magic in youtube and all that stuff...they just want to learn, eventually they will learn about the ethics and apply it.

    that´s how I started

  6. I believe this was featured on youtube well over a year ago. It isn't that bad.

  7. Obviously, this guy (who is doing magic) has no respect for magic.
  8. There are way more powerful tricks out on youtube then a Triumph routine. Plus we all know its not the trick that makes it good. Its the person performing it.

  9. It's not that big of a deal man! There is a difference between exposing and teaching, he is doing the latter, and it's not that amazing of a trick anyway!
  10. And yet this wont affect me at all.
  11. I want to write a song entitled, "Nobody Thinks Before They Post".

    Although as said before, it won't affect me.
  12. Look What Is On The MSN Home Page...

    Hey guys,

    This was on MSN when I turned it on. But look. It will only be there for a few hours. On the left hand side of the screen, go down untill you see a video box and a bunch of other videos featured beneath it. It's a magician revealing a Triumph Routine.


    Dylan P.
  13. ... There's already a topic.
  14. My thoughts are that maybe you should use a search feature before posting something like this.
  15. Im thinking he should DEFINITELY use it. And it is like a new topic...

    Come on man...

  16. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! :rolleyes:
  17. First of all this thread is full of fail, and I really dont see the point of posting this as a thread, this has been discussed timeless times before.

    To the thread creator I suggest you read carefully this thread:

    and please, guys, just stop posting in here, let the thread die peacefully.
  18. ZOMG! Not another exposure video link! Gwark! What will we all do? Our magic won't be as effective now because people MIGHT know how we do our stuff?! It's the end of the world! No!!1

    Seriously people... we have bigger fish to fry than this.

    On a side note: If magicians didn't want their magic exposed then they wouldn't publish it.
  19. Well, I'm doubting any magician wants their magic exposed; rather, it's something that has to be put up with in order to get their work out there (for whatever reason--recognition of accomplishment, making money, helping to provide material for younger/other magicians, etc). It's a matter of what's more important, their reason for putting out the work, or not having their creation exposed. Obviously the ones who put out their work have a reason that goes above and beyond the fear of exposure. But I doubt at any time that they would want their magic exposed--I can almost guarantee that most magicians would prefer their magic not be exposed; however, it's obviously unavoidable once one publishes their work (assuming they are at least somewhat famous in the magic community; one of the few benefits of NOT being known is that you are far less likely to have your work exposed...however, that's a result of not being well known, and thus your work getting out there to less people, which tends to not often be the most desirable state).
  20. Allow me to quickly summarize this thread, the other one on the same topic, and every single response to both with the following:

    To arms, men! Someone is wrong on the internet.
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