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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Amazing Tarquin, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. If I were psychic I'd take the James Randi test... s'all I'm saying.

    Million Dollar Prize. If I had nothing to hide, then it'd be easy as pie.

    This has been said over and over like a broken record, but this thread isn't going anywhere. No one here will believe him unless he proves otherwise, taking a test in some manner. And he doesn't seem to be changing his position. Personally, I think it'd be pretty cool if he were psychic. But technically if there were people with real psychic abilities, they'd probably be hired or taken by the government for bigger more important affairs, like finding missing terrorists and such, than an A&E once a week special.
  2. If nothing's in it for you, then why are you still here? -.-
    He made a good point. You shouldn't care what we think if it's true, because you'd know that we'd be proved wrong. so I repeat:
    Why are you still here?

    P.S. - Again, I would also like to see the information steerpike requested.
  3. And if there wasn't real psychic then A&E wouldn't have a once a week special
  4. Why not?

    Having something that is "unexplainable" is going to draw in viewers or "Ratings"

    So how does A&E validate "Real" Psychics
  5. A&E has once a week specials anyway. I could name probably 10 off the top of my head. And the real psychic thing is not the greatest argument for that, because you've also got the Crossing Over with John Edwards show on WE or whatever it's on. The point is that this is not the first "psychic" tv show. there's also that one show about the psychic children. So your show in general is not keeping once a week specials going on A&E. Since we have to bring him into every conversation (it seems like a rule here) Criss Angel happened to have a once a week show on A&E, and he's not a real psychic.
  6. So basically "Only write what we agree with or otherwise why are you still here?"
    Nice attitude. If you don't believe me then why read this thread? Same attitude as you right?

    Yes the whole world should stop just to answer a few of steerpike's request when he refuses to do it on his own. As I suggested to him is to "watch the show" and gather all the naes he wishes and contact them himself. I am no passage way to these people for a coupla magicians who hang on forums all day saying "prove it pal or it ain't real."
    Remember I am psychic, I am not the one saying "pick a card and I will tell you what it is" pretending to be psychic

  7. This is a very weak point, there is a new episode of "South Park" every week as well, does that mean any of the stuff on there actually happened? No. It makes for somewhat good television that people watch, which gets the station money. Apply accordingly.

    Ok, now you are really starting to piss me off. That is generalizing to a very large extent, and if you are looking for respect on here, you need to give a little first.
  8. No but he pretends to do magic and there is a place for that. Entertainment. I don't entertain. I provide answers. Totally different. Big difference from Cartoons and puppets to entertain to the informative "Nova" shows that provides true answers.
    Chris Angel who I have met many times, is a entertainer who uses the art of deception to provide entertainment and he is good at it. There are software that emulates the artistic styles of Da Vinci. That doesn't mean there aren't any true artist
  9. Oh so A&E and the discovery channel are in some type of cahoots to falsely take peoples money and provide them answers and find missing bodies and whatever it is you all say psychic do. So there is this big giant deception going on or just a couple of kids on a magic forum who have never met a real psychic. You guys are very entertaining
  10. ask them. I do not think they validate or maybe they have some stamp like when you enter another country or something. I think in this one case when the local Government is involved and they search and search a place for a missing body and some psychic 300 or more miles away says "it is right here" and they find it "right there" validates itself don't it?
  11. Dude she's a fake and you're delusional.:rolleyes:

  12. Your continuously dodging the question.

    You said your psychic. Name some people you have led police to.
  13. the point there sort of was the fact that you said that you are the levy of weekly television on A&E, I just had to prove that there were other shows, much more popular shows on that channel, airing weekly. John Edwards apparently provided "real" answers. You know what, Dr. Phil, provides "real" answers. Houdini in fact had a full tour of shows solving crimes with his psychic abilities. He admit-tingly wasn't a psychic. It's perfectly find to call yourself a psychic to the world because that's your character, people wouldn't know the difference when they don't know the technique. But when you come into a world of trained and educated magicians, you had better provide proof for your position, because you are claiming to be able to do what all of us are pretending to be able to do. And that's a strong position not to be taken too lightly. Though at the same time, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
  14. This thread helped me waste my day away at work. Quite a nice chunk of time it took to read through 16 pages of it and my god is it loaded with some hilarious moments.

    Steerpike - making the call out and wanting to see some results instead of being told to "Watch the show". Kudos to you, Tv is hardly proof of something being in exsistance. There is all types of crap showing on tv at all hours of the day, I don't see how A&E is any different in that regard - it showed Mindfreak afterall.

    I can see how everyone seems so dissatisfied about this thread. It's been a fun read all in all. Sadly I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to this field and I don't see it proper for people to claim they have abilities like this and not back it up. Though you claim to be backing it up by telling us to watch some silly tv show.

    I just had the impression in my mind... that if a person is able to do something unique that others (or not my others) can do, they would willingly show some type of proof. Hell - I know I would, I would get a massive amount of enjoyment out of silencing all the people full of doubts.

    Why not earn yourself 1 Million Dollars instead of squirming around in your computer chair while waiting for new responses. - Enjoy.
  15. I think my aunt can see spirits. Before I met her my family told me she could see people who had past away. The first time I met her, my mom had past away a couple of months before hand. I felt cold on my left side but it eas oddly summer time. My aunt started crying and saying "She's right there" over and over again pointing to the left of me. So when she calmed down I asked her what happened and she said My mom had her hand on my back. Just a story I thought I throw in there. I wonder if it was real. It would be pretty cool. My family is really big on that psychic stuff. I don't believe in a lot of it but that really got me. I don't believe in the tarot because I knew how they would scam people when the idea of fortune telling was popular. crystal balls are dumb in my opinion. I believe in outer body experiences. And I also believe that people who are psychic can see people who have past on.
  16. Are you high?! Yes they bloody well would! TV Networks are all about the ratings. If they think for one second that they have a product that people will buy into and suck dry then of course they will run it regardless of weather or not it's true.

    A&E would run a "real psychics of the world" special JUST to run another right behind it exposing psychics as fakes and frauds if they thought they could get good ratings from it.

    Look at religion, new age stuff, and alien/ UFO believers. There is litterly billions of dollars each year spent in these categories that are all founded on the principle of belief. This same principle works on it's own separate from the need for proof or foundation in reality. YET millions of people line up with money in hand to buy the next product in what ever category they find interesting.

    You're going to need a better defense than that one, If you want people here to take you seriously.
  17. Honestly, you have not provided us with sufficient evidence that would lead us to believe that you are in fact a psychic.

    I believe, if what you are proposing to us is true, that the information Steerpike nicely asked for would not be hard for you to obtain.
  18. Ah, I am not a psychic detective. Never said that. I have a large family that helps in many different ways using their gifts to help others in different ways. What I do specifically doesn't matter right now because this show is about my Aunt
  19. Tarko, or who ever you are. I have to be honest with you. Coming here and posting this thread is a lot like a rabbit walking into a den of sleeping wolves and crying at the top of it's lungs "eat me!".

    I don't know how you can post in a forum full of mentalist and magicians some line about being a real psychic and expect to be taken seriously.

    You do realize that while these arguments may confuse and work on a mark, we are educated (for the most part) professionals who make a living pretending to do exactly what it is you claim as natural talent.

    Honestly, who the hell do you think you're fooling anyway?
  20. Yes and I think I have plainly and nicely responded, "watch the show and there will be a list of people who are involved in this one situation that you can contact but I am not the one to give that permission when there are families involved. That would be up to them." Watch the show and if you have questions about them for them then stop asking me to provide it, do it yourself.
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