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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Amazing Tarquin, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Was it the KM Move or was it just a one handed double lift. (which there are like 100's on the market and in different books everywhere.)

    I know he claimed that James Randi isn't a magician because he didn't know HOW he did a card trick. Which I would believe that he would be fooled, due to him most likely not being in the loop or performing for years anymore. Like I said before. Jeff McBride has been fooled before. Does that mean he isn't a magician. I know lots of other guys have been fooled as well.[/QUOTE]

    No I didn't do a move I did a routine called "The one card double lift"
  2. Nothing in it for me. I posted about my aunt in the gerneral forum and I am trying to answer all your questions at once. Don't wanna read my responses. Thats ok
  3. So how does him being fooled by an effect not make him a magician? I don't where you're going with that.

    Not to mention that there is something fishy about you stating that ALL magicians claim to have super powers. When most people know for fact that the majority don't and haven't done that since the 1800's.
  4. Right I think I said "blurb" Not sure though since I am tired. Also I wasn't helping people at the Twins towers. they were gone by then.
    I posted it because someone ask me to prove who I was and I am just trying to help get you guys to look beyond this forum and each other
  5. Gee I thought I said "Since he was a magician I showed him a trick" But I am tired so maybe I said it wrong or you read it wrong

  6. Good luck and I am sure someone will tape the show for ya
  7. Night everyone. it is late. I had fun with ya. Remember to watch the show
  8. alright lorayne, or Thomas or what ever your name is. ending with a Churchwell. not too sure what to search up/ thom or lorayne or Tarquin.
  9. O.K. guys, EVERYTHING is getting out of hanmd. I would love to see this thread off of 'hey! heres someone with doubtful claims! lets bash him!' instead of respectable comments about his aunt being on A&E

    P.S.: People thouight Columbus was BS for thinking the world was round
  10. actually columbus never discovered the world was round. he made the assumption that you could get to india by going west.
    everyone knew the world was round
    the world was round myth came from washington irving in his book the life and voyages of christopher Columbus
  11. There hasn't been a single documented case of someone having psychic abilities, ever, EVER!!

    I know of a 'psychic' who makes predictions on the radio here in Toronto, 'psychic nikki'. I called into the station one time and asked her to do James Randi's test, what do you think she did? just continued to make hundreds of predictions and just like chance would dictate she would only get a couple out of the hundreds, but if you see what is being claimed it's nonsense. She said the sham wow guy is going to die (I know, what bull), he didn't but some other commercial guy did so she claims "I knew it", "I was right".

    You're making such a big deal out of the body being found, how often does she tell the police anything??? We can all hoot and holler over ONE instance, but that means nothing. Heard of chance??

    As much as I dislike criss angel I loved him for standing up to that guy on that show Phenomenon. If you or your aunt have such an ability , why the hell are you ONLY finding DEAD BODIES!! Why not ACTUALLY use it for PREVENTION!

    I've encountered a few frauds claiming to be psychic, and that's what they always are, frauds, whether they realize it or not. I bet you'll see that as bashing, it isn't cause it''s the truth (so far). Like others have said, take Randi's million dollar challenge, being on TV makes her eligible. Just don't say something like ' I/we don't want the money', then win it for charity!
    I love to be proved wrong because it means I've learned something new. If your aunt doesn't take the challenge, then she is just admitting non verbally that she's a fake.

  12. anybody who claims to be able to communicate with the dead is either lying or mentally ill.
  13. I've tried to stay out of this as long as I can but I only have 3 things to say

    1: this is what your aunt does, cold reading not mind reading::

    2: Use your head, physics arent real

    3: The redsox won off of pure skill.
  14. I think you meant Psychics lol ;)
  15. 1. Derren Brown is awesome.

    2. There are some real psychics, a very small amount though: (starts about 0:35 in)

    3. Agreed, it is possible to just suck for a really long time.
  16. Ok, I am going to try my best not to sound like I'm "Bashing" anyone here. So first thing I would like to know, what is this magic forum that you started? A name would be nice, a link would be better.

    (I would also like what Steerpike asked for...)
  17. lol
  18. So if you claim to be Tarko, then what was the name of the forum created by felkjamine? :)
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