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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. *sigh* would you guys please take 20 seconds and check if there might already be a 1-on-1 already on it? Jason England already released a second deal 1-on-1.
  2. more coin magic 1on1's... maybe Homer Liwag, Chris Kenner, Eric Jones, Kainoa Harbottle (fingers crossed), Curtis Kam, etc.. the last 2 being wishes since they havent been on T11 before as artists like the first 3.

  3. What about Aaron Fisher with a classic pass?

    Or maybe; Aaron Fisher with the Classic pass

    Or maybe; Aaron Fisher with the Classic pass

    No no no,
    Or maybe; Aaron Fisher with the Classic pass

    I've got it:

    Aaron Fisher with the Classic pass

  4. No no no, it's spelled "G-R-A-V-I-T-Y-H-A-L-F", not "C-L-A-S-S-I-C".
  5. eeeeeeeeeeh, no i still mean C-L-A-S-S-I-C.
  6. I'd like to see a Top Change workshop.

    Great move that a lot of people can do ok, but not a lot can do great.
  7. I totally agree.
  8. That would be really cool my top change needs a lot of work.
  9. Top Change isn't hard to get down, it's just the misdirection that goes with it. There are loads of sources on misdirection. Here is a good video demo of the TC in action, seriously an entertaining watch!


    As for wants for a 1on1, anything that involves card really..
  10. J/W, will there be a one on one tonight Bayme, or Raiker?
  11. I would gladly take anything from Andrei! Maybe a 1 on 1 about shapeshifter sequence or quad backpack? Or maybe that's all on his dvd.
  12. Cringe Magic wants mentalism
  13. You might be lucky....
  14. Hey, mentalism wouldn't be so bad. God knows it'd be something new.
  15. Yep, today I hope for something from Andrei! :D
  16. I quoted cringe, not you.
  17. Yeah, I know... I meant yep to Jack and then started talking about something different.
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    I dont think itl be mentalism...

    EDIT Now i think it will.

    EDIT take that back.
  19. Just a reminder that there will be no 1on1 today.
  20. "Our usual 1-on-1 schedule will resume with a new release from a new face next Friday, but tonight we chose to take the unique opportunity to bring you something different. Something unique. Something that doesn't come around often." - J. Bayme

    Thats why!!! :D

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