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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. The sybil sybil sybil sybil sybil sybil sybil THE SYBIL!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Man it seems like we haven't gotten a new 1 on 1 in ages.
  3. Yeah. Only Genesis instead. Not to mention the bucketload of magic coming out of more orifices than I knew existed.
  4. its now 1 on 0.....
  5. Will there be a new 1on1 tonight?

    Sorry for bringing up this thread, just curious.
  6. No, instead Jonathan Bayme is releasing a trailer for a new upcoming project from someone we all know, but it's been kept on the down low for a LONG time. We will find out at 11:00PM EST tonight.
  7. Lol, sarcasm. :p

    Seriously though, I would very much like a new 1on1.
  8. Haha, hate to ask again, but I REALLY want a new 1on1 to buy (I love them). Will there be a new one tonight?
  9. Hate to ask for a third time, but I came into some extra bucks and I wanna buy a 1on1... Will there be a new one at 11 tonight?
  10. I doubt it. With the trailer of five coming tonight I would think its not going to happen.
  11. i would love to see some more 1 on 1 that dont involve cards. i love cards, dont get me wrong. but. i'm sick of em, my friends are sick of em, etc, etc. some coin 1 on 1's would be great. maybe some more rubber band stuff?
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    Have you purchased trifecta by homer yet? Super good.
  13. I stand corrected.
  14. As much as everyone doesn't want cards, I'd love a riffle-stacking 1 on 1 from Jason England. ;)
  15. ^^^^ I second that!
  16. Keep the requests, suggestions, and feedback coming. We read every bit of it in order to shape what content - and what kind of content - we produce, particularly in the 1-on-1 section.
  17. JB does your status stay offline even when you're online? :p. Or do you log off right after you post?
  18. What about the CLASSIC PASS?


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