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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. So, uh, no new 1-on-1 tonight then? :p
  2. I bet to differ.

    Again, I have nothing against theory11, and I think it's fine that they don't release 1on1s every week. In fact, I would prefer it that way, because then the anticipation would build. I would rather see four at the end of the month than one every week.

    Just to make sure it's perfectly clear, I have nothing against theory11... at least they're 1on1 releases as to this date... I just wish they wouldn't make promises like that and then not keep them. It makes them seem untrustworthy in the eyes of the customer.
  3. Adding Fuel
    In the description, it still says every Friday. (found this by clicking 'learn more' on the 1-on-1 page)
    And extreme detail looks like one word, I'm not sure if that's a typo or the italics. I see things...

    I don't stay up and wait, and personally think JB or anyone notifying us that a new batch is being filmed, or because of the schedule/lack of time to film and edit(Andrei is filming/editing his own project...) that we might not have a 1-on-1 for a few weeks but in place will be getting releases like Static and CK's IPhone app. or whatever it may be.

  4. I'm sorry to push this, but I want to make sure -- No new 1-on-1 for last night? I didn't hear anything about it (but then again I wasn't really looking), so if somebody could point me in the right direction that would be helpful.

  5. There was-No-One on One last night. :p
  6. OH NO!! What am I going to do twiddle my thumbs? I have already mastered that, now I need to prepare for my Mechanics Grip Battle.
  7. Son: Father! He has already mastered the Thumb Twiddle!
    Father: HA HA!
    Son: ha HA!
    Father: :eek:
    Goat: :cool:
  8. Sheesh just check the one on one section if it was updated.
    Its literally a click away
  9. Yeah, but maybe the Theory11 crew forgot what day it was and will be releasing it tonight... or something... thanks anyway. XD And thanks TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist.
  10. Soooooooo, will there be a new 1 on 1 tonight?
  11. Dude can you be paticence for another 8 hours. If you want to find out pm jonraiker. Well at least you didn't a new thread.
  12. Bill Goodwins OBT anyone:D Id pay 20$ for it lol
  13. Well they couldn't just put one up without the video made...
  14. I want more 1 on 1's of andrie jikh. What I really like is his quadpack. Thats pretty sweet.
  15. Just did some major surgery to this thread. It almost didn't make it, but it came through. This thread is about the discussion of 1 on 1's. While the argument was about 1 on 1's, it was just back and forth bashing. Keep arguments through PM's. Let's keep this thread on topic (and friendly) now.

  16. I think you might have left a sponge inside:

  17. yeah, sorry about that...

    But for 1-on-1's, I think they should have more coin ones. (haha pun :p) That would be fun.
    And some more general Magic pieces, like rubber band things and the like :D
  18. Pickpocketing
  19. I second this... though not really sure how it would work.
  20. I don't see pickpocketing ever becoming a 1 on 1. I could see it possibly as a huge project though.


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