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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. At last...I've been waiting for this for so long :D
    It's time to smash my piggy bank and count....
  2. AUDI R8.

  3. I'm just going to ask all the questions that are on everyone's mind:

    • Price?
    • Release date?
    • Skill level? Beginner? Advanced? Intermediate?
    • How many volumes will there be?

    I'm not much of a cardist, so I'll probably skip this, unless it is a DVD for beginners.
  4. This sounds amazing! I can't wait for it to come out. :)
  5. I am so pumped for this. Especially since it will be taught the way Andrei does flourishes (with right hand mechanics grip). For some reason I'm righty in everything but magic and have a right handed mechanics grip in magic. But yeah this will be pretty epic.
  6. Haha. Same here man! I'm always like damn, because its hard to reverse everything.
  7. i'm really interested in this. i'll plan to buy this however how many moves will be taught.

    Theory11 is such a freaking tease when it comes to releasing data. JUST TELL US WHAT'S GOING TO BE IN IT. STOP MOCKING US!!!!
  8. As always,that will all probably be answered at the release day.
  9. Sounds great. I look forward to it, but what's that picture about, He's just holding the deck?
  10. This is going to be huge. Trust me.
  11. but alejandro i heard you saying that the virts and bone's WLD was going to be the biggest release this year?
  12. I said something big was coming, and another something BIG was coming too...
  13. how many days to countdown?
  14. Is this going to be as big as the Virts+Bone Ho DVD? :(
  15. Dont you think that depends on your point of view?
  16. i don't know why i feel dissapointed :(
  17. From my point of view, I am more excited to learn all the applications of the Anaconda. :D
  18. lol I can only think of one application the Anaconda has...the Anaconda
  19. This will be EPIC can't wait!!

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