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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by RDChopper, May 4, 2009.

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    So for the past month I have been ranting a little about the quality of the videos ( I know you guys doesnt even care) I even created a thread about it here wich only got 3 replyes.(not a surprise) Now, you guys still want to be making those battles? ok, im tired of it, so I am joining your game....

    I challenged the following people:

    jake the snake magic ........."just flourish battle"

    stefenmlc....................."molecule4 battle"

    tss, I wanted to do more challenges but I cant send any more challenges because of the site, But I actually intend to challenge a lot more people (including you Magic Lemon bird) so I hope you guys accept the guys have each 4 days to put a video up, and I dont want lame excuses like "but I am in a battle already" you wanted to battle? lets battle.

    Now, you guys know that I hate webcam performances, but for now, thats the battles I can send because of the influenza thing in mexico so spect a lot more live battles when this thing is over. Z magic, im pretty excited about the reactions montage and Im planning to do it, just you wait.....

    So this kinda seems like a useless thred, but I am making it because im tired of the quality of the battles and Im actually trying to do something half decent here, this is also an invitation to all the users out there to participate more in the battle forums (not only battling also voting). It has a lot of potential but for some reason it is going downhill.

    Please dont just read and leave, Leave a comment I wanna hear ya'all.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S Just to thank the poeple that are actually putting some effot out there, like Dmagic,Zmagic and the guys im forgetting the names right now, thanks for it.

    EDIT::// If you are new to this thread just skip it and see the battles below, ill post them.

    Ill refrain from making a new thread , so Ill post the upcoming battles here...

    MagicLemonBird vs. RDChopper: "Any Card trick"

    There is the link, so please vote, and discuss, any opinion or suggestions are highly appreciated;)


    Shad312 vs RDChopper: Double lift trick battle

    So just a quick note on that trick, shad asked me to change it to a "control then a DL battle" but I had already sent the challenge, so again comments are appreciated.
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    It's a nice effort, and probably will yield some quality videos which would be linked to your own efforts, but in the long run, im afraid you're fighting a battle up a hill.

    Because in the end, all that matters to you people is that damn scoreboard isn't it?

    Put up as many videos as you can, in as many battles as possible. And because there's no way to actually rate the video - well, we're left with the current predicament.

    Im afriad it's too little too late man; but don't let me discourage you.

  3. Wow... I feel so honored...
    Sure we'll battle but after I battle with DMagic:D
  4. You still dont get why I want to battle you right? gosh:rolleyes:

    Wadstrand, maybe you are right man, Ill still make the effort to see what happens;)
  5. I Will Be Waiting My Friend...MUWAHAHAHAHA! lol Jk ;)
  6. Because I'm so awesome and stuff?:D
  7. Yes man, you are awesome..ejem, how old are you BTW?:rolleyes:
  8. 12, why does my age matter? :confused: Just curious.;)

  9. You don't know? It's illegal now to do magic if you are under the age of 14...;)
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    Oh no!!!! :(
    (Wait, I thought it was 13?):confused:
    Whatever, I'll be caught... :eek:
    EDIT: Or I could edit the post... eheheheheheheh
  11. This is a very good idea. I don't participate in battles much because of all of the bad videos that are put up.
  12. lol umm sounds awesome and i totally agree i have made excuses and i totally apolagized yet I'm not tryin to make this sound like an excuse but I do magic not flourish that much...:( but i guess I will try as hard as I can man. We should also do a live performance battle in the future. Nice thread and I do agree.

  13. I challenged you in that, because you uploaded a flourishing video. Guys, if you are actually going to upload something, we are going to give for a fact that it is something decent, so, if you dont really flourish, then why to have a battle like that? just because you guys want to be in the first place? in the top ten? the battle forums are so bad now, that that really doesnt prove anything, I dont know why you people care so much for it, its a lack of respect to post something that isnt even practiced.

    So thanks Jake because you actually took the challenge, I respect your for that, I expect the other guys to do the same.
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    Okay, first, great thread. The battle arena is falling apart! It was good, but now, with all the bad videos, it's awful.
    Look at You can tell that these people put some effort into this battle. Also they Practiced. Hey guys, new concept!!! Actually practice!

    Please, don't let the battle arena fall apart.:mad:

  15. You sure you wanna battle? ;)
  16. Kudos, RDC. Though in much agreement with Gustav.
  17. What? hell no,haha, I want to battle,not to die an agonising death buddy.

    These are my first cardistry battles, so its kinda fair, battling you would just kill my ego;)...

    Still, it would REALLY raise the bar if you could battle someone of your caliber...You against Dlerium or Bao hoang... Now THAT would be an interesting battle..

    BTW, what happened with you? last time I heard about you was in Joshua's"but mine is a classic flourish!" battle.
  18. I know is a tough thing, but I firmly believe that if we all help, we can make a difference, you for example, I still remember when I saw your sandwich trick from the paper engine, it was one of the reasons that made me buy that book ( along with sean reaf review), It would be awesome to see a battle of one of the tricks of that book with proper patter, and if its an original patter, much better...

    Lets just forget about all this "top ten"crap, and lets just battle for the fun of it, the battle forums are supposed to make us give our best effort, not just our "new but un- practiced trick or sleight"

    Thanks for showing up.
  19. ur welcome man i also hate when bad tension between people is created so..
  20. Hey if anyone of you like to do some coin magic, I'm more than happy to battle someone to a coin battle. We should def. arrange a vanish, production, coin changes/transfers, etc. battle.
    Lets arrange something and let the blood spill! Muhahahaha!


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