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  1. ok RDC,

    I see what you mean. I alot of the times do accept battles that I maybe am not practiced up for and maybe don't even have the time. I will try to stop but just sayin that you do always have to act like you are the god of magic.. now not sayin ur not good. I've seen your vids, and your okk but once you make it big like a true artist that people know like dan and dave, wayne houchin, etc thannn you could criticize me the way you do. May I suggest to start giving more advice instead of trying to piss people off.

  2. Jake, you're the one pissing everyone off by submitting terrible video's. Look, I had ONE mistake. My top shot was slow and not aimed correctly. I did a move to slowly. I think you flashed FOUR OR FIVE TIMES! Please don't submit anything until you have the basic sleights down, and if you do, I won't do a top shot until I aim correctly all the time. Check my signature.
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    This is just sad.

    Freestyle Flourishing: XCMentalist vs Xtrem Beginner

    This is the first battle that i've watched that has actually made me feel physically sick.
    I guess I should have expected it from their usernames.

    Did you guys learn these flourishes 5 minutes before posting your videos?
    scratch that, did you guys start flourishing 5 minutes before posting your videos?

    If you don't want to practice, then don't do xcm. Don't do magic. Don't do anything at all in life, because that's the only way you can get good at anything. By freaking PRACTICING.

    Flourishing is supposed to be beautiful. It's supposed to look good.

    This is a joke, and an insult to our artform. It's an insult to every artform, to not practice.
    You think musicians get out and perform a piece without pouring hours, days, months, even years of their life into learning where to place their fingers, how hard to blow, and just exactly how far to stretch their vocal chords?
    You think dancers get out and perform a dance without pushing their body past normal limits of flexibility and endurance?
    You think artists get out and create a work for release to the public without learning how to manipulate their pens/brushes/chisels to a degree of perfection?

    This makes me angry.

    Get serious about the artform, or quit.
  4. I just saw the "flourishing battle" jesus, My head hurts.

    In my opinion Battle videos should be moderated dont you guys think?... Im reporting those videos and the justification its going to be "lack of practice".

    I hope you guys do the same.
  5. Omg. I thought maybe you guys were overreacting a bit... then I watched the videos and actually dropped my keyboard. I wanna try and give some good criticism, but I just can't get over how terrible those were. There was absolutely no practice, at all, that went into those... "flourishes", and I use the term EXTREMELY loosely. Would it kill you care? Just a little?
  6. Could not have said it better bro. But then again, I am pretty biased against flourishing.
  7. Why do you not like flourishing?
  8. I don't know... I have grown up around a lot of "Old School" Magicians I guess. It's kinda like ribs, If you live in Texas you like em' dry. Live farther north, you like em' wet. which means sauced. That's the only thing I can prepare it to.
  9. It might also have something to do that most of the people who use them are boring enough to put Ben Stein into a coma.
  10. ok, this is just a bit much

    People, if you are going to challenge people to a battle, it's respectful that you actually battle them.

    1. It doesn't feel right getting into 29th place just because i've been in 2 battles where my opponent hasn't uploaded anything.

    2. It's a waste of my time, effort, and skill to film a video, if it's not even worth it.

    There are way too many people winning battles, just because their opponent hasn't uploaded anything.

    Harden up people. This is getting sad.

    Thanks. Victor.

    ps. if anyone actually wants to battle me in (live) card magic, pm me. and upload a freaking video.
  11. One time I lost a battle because my opponent sent me an "immediately" deadline change. For some reason I couldn't see the peoposal, and I just said yes. I'm still made about that one.
  12. So you're saying that we have to be professionals before we can criticize you?
  13. So it would seem.

    You must remember when dealing with amateurs that most of them will say whatever it takes to get out of having to hear any criticism of their work.
  14. [​IMG]

    Felt it was necessary (you know who you are)


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