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  1. Hmm, I voted for RDC for a few reasons being:

    RDC's videos were so simple, they had a kind of purity to them, it proved how magic isn't about the trick.

    also, I loved how RDC interacted with the audience, how with a simple double lift he interacted with the audience so well.

    and for the other two videos:

    MagicLemon: Your video was ok, but it looked choppy and unpracticed, but I think with practice, you could be amazing.

    Shad312: I'm sorry, but your video quality was terrible, I couldn't watch the entire thing....
  2. I also voted for RDC both times. He took it to the people, with nothing more than a MT & DLs if i'm not mistaken, and got good reactions. Something like Portal is a nice little piece, but it doesn't compare when you actually involve the spectator.

    They feel the card in their hands and they "know" it's their card. It's locked between their hands, and it still changes. By putting the card in their hands, it gives them a sense that they have a little control, and freaks them out when it still changes anyway.

    Spectors Involvement = Stronger Magic

    It's not about how difficult something is, but how impossible it looks.

    That's why I voted for RDC.
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    Hey, so the battles are still up, I still expect some more participation from you guys, either voting or comenting;).

    Anyway, after these two battles I am planing to battle Z-Magic on the reactions montage battle, and in the coming days I am going to be doing some filming so if anyone wants to throw a challenge, I am all ears...

    Hoping to hear from you guys, keep the good work.
  4. lookin' forward to it!
  5. while i don't battle at all...i am terribly sorry about ur problems and wish you and ur fam the best...hope all works out....can't wait till u get back on here my guy.....
  6. eVerything is all right, thanks for the concern friend.
  7. I voted for RDC both times as well. I personaly am tired of people not putting in enough effort. I mean come one, don't post a portal video if you can't do the pop out and flash like 9 times in fifteen seconds. Also, if your doing a flourish ACTUALLY PERFORM IT RIGHT! Without pausing and stopping. Flourishing is supposed to be either fast or smooth, if it isn't, then your not ready to perform it. I'm not a flourisher, so I apologize if i have made some sort of error in thinking that flourishes should be done well. However, i've done magic for over two years, and most magic I see on theory 11 is crap. I can think of a handful of maybe 30 people that are good at what they do, out of 10,000 members.

    So please, don't perform until you're ready.

    -Dmagic :)
  8. Last time that I tried to raise the bar in here (creating this thread actually) I began filming live performances against tricks and routines that I knew were going to be for their computer webcam. Not much participation, and I still see bad and mediocre magic....

    Let's take this a step at a time, since I really want to try to raise the bar here along with everybody, let's start with making decent tricks or routines.At least, if you are noot going to perform something live, make sure that the trick its at least well practiced and your patter down, everything must be perfect.

    A lot of you guys out there say,"well I dont really have this sleight down, but with some misdirection it will go unnoticed" Wrong! Error! Nanay! so let's make sure that you at least have that part of the routine down THE TECHNICAL aspects of the trick.Only when the sleight it's in a pretty good level you should start thinking to add misdirection, misdirection it's something that you shouldnt use to cover your weak pass or whatever move you are doing. Take that in mind.

    So with that said, Im open for a challenge, I can't record live performances because school its killing me(9 hrs a day, can you believe that?)but I can still film myself doing routines or tricks, so, lets start with the technique.

    If anyone it's interested in a battle of a trick or routine (withouth patter, sorry my english it's not that good) where they can show us that at least they have the technique portion of the trick down.Well that's a progress.

    BTW, if you only care for a stupid chart position,well I am ranked number 5 in the battle forums, so there you have another motivation to battle.

    And please guys, if you see mediocre battles, just dont vote in them, they will get the message.
  9. BTW, Im in the mood for a card transposition battle =).
  10. If my camera could hook up to my computer I would love to do this, I have a double sandwhich routine which looks pretty nice (coming from my step dad, a huge fan of looking for the secret). Im still trying to find a cable to hook up to my computer, if I find one I'll let you know and we could possibly set this up.
  11. Sounds good, Ill wait.
  12. I brought this thread back up because you guys just dont understand the lesson...

    I just watched the current battle: Jake the snake whatever against Dmagic..

    Now, I usually expect a lot from Dmagic, he hasnt dissapointed me yet, and he has uploaded some pretty decent battle submisions, but this one was just.... see for youself... When I saw that you were going to perform the collectors trick by the bucks, I thought that you would have at least have the trick in a decent level....

    Everything was flowing well until the point where you "top shooted" the top card, it was a messy trick starting from there...What happened D?

    Jake the snake, nothing new at all, just crappy and messy variations of the tricks out there.I don't know what were you thinking when you uploaded a video showing your unpracticed sleghts. Go ahead and Bash me, the only thing that I have seen you practice so far.

    What's wrong with you people?
  13. lol im not going to bash you, but u do need to work on your anger managment lol, cause maybe you need to practice that moree ;)
  14. Practice more? Wanna battle me again son?
  15. lol nvm u don't even understand what i was saying cause I might wanna reread it
  16. You might want to re-read my post, I just asked you if you wanted to battle me again.

    How about a 4 aces card trick?
  17. ok fine but not a 4 ace card trick.. how about a non card trick battle?
  18. Sorry, I only do card tricks, I wouldnt want to do something that I haven't practiced just because im desperate to battle someone and feel special.
  19. Look Jake, the only thing that I am asking from you its TO STOP SUBMITTING CRAPPY VIDEOS TO THE BATTLES, the only half decent video that I have seen from you its the one where you battled against me, the other ones...mmm you get my point.

    There its no rush to be posting battles like crazy, remember, it's about quality NOT QUANTITY, your sleights either lack finesse or practice, so please, before you actually think to upload something, practice it.

    And don't come crying saying" I do practice!", because it just doesn't shows.

  20. ok well than I haven't practiced a four ace trick that much so... how about any on demand trick from D&D?

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