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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by RDChopper, May 4, 2009.

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    Wouuw, so thank god these guys accepted, now for the upcoming battles...

    I just read a "DL battle" so Im just going to challenge that guy as well, as for magiclemonbird, I havent forgotted about you, expect a challenge in the upcoming days.
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    Guys, Im very sorry, I was really excited for the battles but I had some very strong problems in my family, so please excuse me, I will not be able to do any of the challenges, so you guys win by default, I dont even know If im going to be able to log to the forums in some time so please excuse me. I hope you guys understand.

    Thanks for everything.
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    ok, Im back, everything turned ok.

    So I just saw that I still have time to upload something to the battles im in, but because I have little time, I hope you dont mind (shad and magiclemon) if I upload something that i had previously recorded, as for the molecule 4 battle Ill try to record it today... So lets get going;).
  4. Ill refrain from making a new thread , so Ill post the upcoming battles here...

    MagicLemonBird vs. RDChopper: "Any Card trick"

    There is the link, so please vote, and discuss, any opinion or suggestions are highly appreciated;)


    Shad312 vs RDChopper: Double lift trick battle

    So just a quick note on that trick, shad asked me to change it to a "control then a DL battle" but I had already sent the challenge, so again comments are appreciated.
  5. Though i'm not a person to battle, i'd still like to see the section clean up cause I know it'd be good for everyone else. Seems to be a good thing you've got here RDC, and I hope it really takes off. I'm gonna go vote on the two battles above this post right now.
  6. nuthing against u RDC but you were mentioning about exuses etc, how u hate people who give exuses but don't you now think that was a little bit hypocritical for you. I mean I know you were saying stuff with your family and problems yet that was one of my exuses and you battled me because i supposedly "Do exuses to much." So I mean its just my opinion...
  7. Did I submitted a video for that battle?No, Dont be a jerk and dont talk about things that you dont know..

    And I didnt sent you the challenge because of your "excuses" I sent you the battle because the videos that you have been submitting are crap and mediocre.


    I hope that's clear enough for you.
  8. Ehem.... Age doesn't matter anyway. Maturity does.
  9. That was uncalled for.
  10. Here is your answer,that's the only Message I have from you

    And still,Do you see any battle submission in our battle? do you see it? no?its a *f* draw for christ sakes I dont know what you are crying about, you told me that you were not a good flouisher and I still respected that, that's why I didnt sent nothing.

    that's the last time I even mention you.
  11. I didn't understand your video. I know that your video is in a different language but still you didn't give the camera a nice close up on what you were actulaly doing in her hands.
  12. at the beggining it was a " see a card force" then I did simple DL and then I showed her the card she saw.The video is not to make an emphasis on the sleights, but rather on the presentation and the reaction.

  13. Which is somthing that all of you people who are doing battles need to focus on. Not just who can do a better sleight but who can do what magicians are there to do, Entertain.
  14. U are very wrong in many ways here.. first off I looked at my last post and no where in there did i find myself being a jerk, I found myself simply stating my opinion. Yah, also you think I'm being a jerk, check this out: "I sent you the battle because the videos that you have been submitting are crap and mediocre." Now maybe they haven't all been great but they must be good enough to make me #18 in the battles! Plus sometimes as many people know battles are hard to submit to. So you end up taping it the night it's due. So please think again about what you have just posted. Not being rude here once again but those two vids I could not say were that amazing either for your battle. I couldn't even understand it. I do not want to fight. I do not like it at all, so please make some peace.

  15. Dude I got number 2, because people didn't submit videos, it is incredibly easy to boost yourself on the leaderboards. Espicially now because most of the people who originaly started in the battle system, have lost interest.

    But you know what, if you are not able to look back at every video, and ask yourself "did I do my best?" and your answer is "I did my absolute best," Then there is somthing wrong.
    Good enough is just a long group of words that means one word, "Laziness"
  16. yah actually thanks now i did look at the vids they are not great yet not mucchhh worse than RDC in my opinion.

  17. Geez! first of all, If I said that your videos were mediocre, its because I have already told ya in a nice manner, you didnt understand, so that´s why I had to tell you like that..

    Second, Yeah it can be your "well stated opinion" but things like that are best to be said in private.

    Third, What? bad videos? look you.... First of all I live in mexico, do yo want me to perform in english? ugh! I actually went out there and performed FOR REAL PEOPLE , not just my webcam...

    Be mature, take criticism like a man, I didnt told ya that your videos were crap just to make your life worse, I told you that so that you can actually take the advice and try to be best at it.... You little boy, grow up and then we will talk.
    And please, stop the discussion, I dont want this thread locked by your fault, thanks and have a nice day.
  18. ok man i apologize for some things yet one thing, i do perform for real people i actually have a job doing walk around. I do not get it on film. But yes i agree this should not be blocked so ill stop posting.

  19. Voted for RD in both for two reasons.

    1. I could see faces.

    2. A greater degree of elegance on his part.

    Remember that elegance isn't just being flashy, it creates a sublime whole by disguising its complex undertones.
  20. HAHAHAHA! that was pretty funny. Sorry Jake. i am a big fan of Live Performing in case you don't know me too well. As for The battles...

    Any Card trick Battle-- RD won my vote because I am a sucker for live videos. MagicLemonBird, the reason i didn't vote for you is because you made the effect look so robotic and slow that I actually figured it out. Although just a little practice and you will be in great shape dude! Look forward to seeing progress!

    DL Battle-- Again RD won me over with the Live thing. Shad312, I was to distracted by all the "flourishy" type of things. Just tone it down a few notches and make it simple. remember perform for an audience, not a magician. At least that's how I see it but most of the members here seem to think if they are not impressed then that guy sucks which is most certainly not the case! So don't let people tell you somthing is bad just because of a common trick.

    Just my thoughts,

    - Zac

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