Wand street Journal 6/12/18

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  1. Hello, and welcome back! This is YOUR not so weekly magic newspaper. I don't really have a reason this week just felt like updating you guys on some news.

    Mentalist Lior Suchard stuns entire audience at Kanye's birthday party
    With Kanye appearing on Blaine's 2015 Tv special, and helping out Dan White, Kanye is no stranger to amazing magic, and great reactions. That's why it was so great to see Lior Suchard blow away an audience of him and his friends plus family. Some people going as far to say he "stole the show". With such entertainment as a custom song from Rick and Morty and many other amazing celebrities. The ability to steal attention away from all that is quite impressive.
    I could go into more detail, And describe everything in greater detail I'll just let his performance do the work for itself:


    71 year old Ontario magician Marien Hopman may seem like an every day retired salesman, but he is also recognized for his great work at children's birthday parties in the area. Ever since his interest first began when he was 10 he has always enjoyed performing for others when ever he can. His sole purpose for doing magic is "to make people happy". And as advice from the former president Of the International Brotherhood of magicians(IMB) he always carried PLENTY of magic on him.(if you know me I basically do the same thing). However there is one problem with keeping all this in your car...
    Last week while getting into his car, he noticed a sponge ball on the floor. He quickly checked his glove
    compartment, which is where he keeps his tricks, and.. it had all vanished! No clues. Completely gone. He is not pressing charges, and with magicians all around the world wanting to help him there is only one thing he wants: his stuff back. He won't sue who took it, and won't hire a swat team. All he wants is his stuff returned. So please if you have any info please contact him.

    (WARNING if you know me I'm not a HUGE Ramsay fanboy, but I'll stay impartial and would never take something like this away from him. Especially after all the hard work he put into it.)

    Due to his vLogs, puzzle videos, and yes magic/cardistry videos Chris has gained a large following. Despite his magic videos getting (on average) 100k to 300k less views than his other videos, he still decides to produce content for that small amount of viewership, and thus is currently one of the most followed magician accounts across all social media for these reasons. While still growing! Hats off to Chris for accomplishing such a difficult feat!
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  2. It's been awhile since we've had a full WSJ with the rest of the segments, so here:

    Product of the week: Dan Harlan Tarbell #91 (not gonna lie I was pretty proud of the the Dan Harlan Tarbell pun)
    Oh yes, the last lesson in the original course. Make sure to Tune in as Dan dives into volume 8 AKA the lost volume next time!
    Anyway, this download includes various amazing pieces of magic. A great assortment for all!

    Cool Find: Justin Flom learning the impossible(Auto-graphed) It's rare and autographed. Enough said.

    (I do not have a connection to the seller, nor do I gain a profit from this)
    Performance of the week:

    Absolutely spectacular!
    Classic Michael Vincent. Been a huge fan since my start. His ability to handle the classics is impeccable. Of course his handling of spectators is beyond compare and astounding!

    Stock Market report: Yeah I basically stole the name from @RealityOne. I thought you guys needed a break from the weekly printouts so here is an update on somethings going in and out of stock including some cool up and coming stuff! (Yes I'm doing this mostly for the pun).

    Diamonds are Forever by Rick lax Not going to lie, this looks amazing. Something you can carry in your wallet at all times and give out an AMAZING souvenir! It is expected to be in stock June the 18th so mark your calendars!

    The Dance By Brad Henderson appears to be finally reprinted and back in stock! But hurry Penguin only has like 20 in stock!!

    Weekly Idea:
    This is going to be a little different. This week my idea is: doing something different with your props. Take the magic away.
    What do I mean?

    You see, back in 2017 I had a series on these forums where I would make Sculptures out of playing cards (High five if you remember that!). These playing card Sculptures taught me more about cards than you think. I learned a lot about gimmick creation, what adhesives work best, as well as things I just never knew about cards. It REALLY helps get your creative juices flowing. It is really is hard to describe.

    So there, what can you do with your magic props? Drink Tea out of your chop cups? Use flash paper to wipe up a spill? Use your loops to floss your teeth? Okay those are INCREDIBLY STUPID (especially the last one) and a Huge waste of money, I know. The whole idea is Just play with your props and let your creativity flow. Explore aspects you never knew your props could do. Remember it is not stupid if it works.
    Last thoughts: There we have it! Another week is over. Make sure to look below for more content like this. and for more info on card sculptures here:
    Tissue box

    Card mug/Tuck case

    I' also considering adding a segment discussing the new effects coming to the market. I'll probably just add it to the stock market thing though.
    By the way I apologize for missing last week's game night. It will be up tomorrow so tune in!
    Other than that, I guess I'm done. Please leave all thought below I love reading through it! Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow for Game-Night!
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  3. One does not need to be a fanboy to like someone's work a lot.

    Maybe (read 'most probably') there are better sleight-of hand magicians out there than Ramsay, which is kinda true...he never claimed to have neat sleight-of hand. But his mind works amazingly (look at his vlog videos) and his views on magic are really strong. Also, since he is kinda well-known in the magic community too...we (his subscribers and others who check out his stuff) get a LOT of amazing tips and advice from other magicians on there. He also is once of the best magician-cum-cardists I know. One can really feel his passion for magic through his videos.
    And he cares for his subscribers and people who bank on him (he kept everyone updated about the first playing cards. I did not buy them so it was kinda annoying to me, the repeated updates, but I understand their value). His deck collection and style is full of swag without arrogance.
    He deserved a million. And if anyone doubts that, they can check out his video where he made decks his dominoes. All in all, the best magician on You Tube.

    It's amazing how he went from my favourite magic channel to one of my favourite channels in general.

    Feel sorry for Marien Hopman. #givebackthehopmanstuff

    Lior is AMAZING.
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  4. Yeah, Hopman's stuff is in a dumpster somewhere. Your better quality glove box thief doesn't riffle through your glovebox. Too slow. They just rake everything into a bag so they can move on to the next car. At the end of the day they go back to their lair and go through the bag. They can hit more cars that way and it reduces the chances they will get caught. I'd be a lot more concerned about any personal info they might have gotten out of the glove box.
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  5. I'm not even going to lie. I've never heard of that. Interesting.
  6. He is correct. Unless the person knows what value a magic prop has (extremely unlikely), they're not going to keep it. It'll be sold as scrap, tossed in the trash, or otherwise disposed of as soon as they realize it's no use to them.

    Same thing happened to a friend of mine in Fresno recently. Lost about 2.5K worth of props that probably got sold for less than $25 if not totally trashed.
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  7. Wow, that is pretty crazy.
  8. UPDATE:
    Well, it appears June the 18th came sooner than expected! As just a little while ago Penguin announced they have it in stock now. 6 days earlier than they expected. So... yeah...

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