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    This contest will be based on inovation and creativity. I'm challenging all magicians alike to create somthing new and as origional as possible. We encourage Coin, cards, or any other close up effect you can come up with to be submited. Videos will be judged and a winner will be anounced at the end of the month.

    Note: Poor video quality submitions will be hard to judge. We would like for magicians to not submit videos via web cam. All routines need to be performed into the camra allowing the judges to be the spectators.


    1st Place

    7 DVD Set on card magic & Black Tiger Deck

    2nd will get a black deck



    For those wishing to enter the Contest simply post the link to your video.....

    And for those who can help but be supersticious....We DONT STEEL EFFECTS....I find such things insulting...

  2. sounds kool man yet first off where should we submit the vid of ours and also u said "7 DVD set on card magic" but theres all diferent sets on card magic lol. What specific one?
  3. Sure I'll play a game. Count me in.
  4. Shameless promotion where I can win free stuff? Count me in! :)
  5. sounds good, im in
  6. I'm in too. Do we just have to send the link?
    Wich card magic set is it?
    This contest sounds goood! I already have my idea!
  7. sure. Im in. possibly.
  8. Sounds good. :)

    Could you provide more details though? For example, what the set is?

    Cheers man. :)

    -Sam H
  9. Can it be an effect we made agggeeeessss ago?
  10. I'll give it a try. Count me in.
  11. duh... Maybe they wanna do that so that they can rob you guys your effects....even think of that?
  12. Yuppers. Not that it matters all that much to me...I'd likely be too lazy to actually enter, anyway, heh.

    But...that's definitely something important to point out. :)
  13. ?

    I have way more integrity than that. I do not rob magicians of there work. I find that quite insulting actually! harm no foul...dont enter if you fear such nonsence....
  14. I don't think that.

    What is the set that you're putting up for a prize?

  15. The set will be kept unknown until the time the winner is revealed...

    WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF MYSTERY....and I feed off of it :)
  16. I predict the set is Gerry Griffen's Complete Course in Card Magic.
  17. Sorry man, didnt mean to insult you, I just say that according some things I saw...

    *You are new.

    *You have no more than 7 posts and most of them in this thread.

    *The tittle of this thread is a little suspiocious, why not a title like "creativity challenge"

    * and most important of all THIS IS INTERNET, I DONT KNOW YOU, so I hope yopu kinda understand my point, you can say that we are offending you whatever and say that it is real, but that actually doesnt secures nothing...

    So if I insulted you, forgive me, if this thing is for real, then kudos for you man, great idea you have and its nice of you to do something like that.
  18. Oh yeah! Gerry's a really cool guy. I see him a lot. I thought the DVD set was called, "Gerry's Lucky Seven."
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