1. Y

    Designing My Own Deck?

    I've spent some time just for fun designing a couple of back designs on my own, and I recently created one that I really like, and an Ace of Spades to go along with it. However, I don't just want to slap a back design on a regular deck of Bicycle cards and call it done. Anybody willing to help...
  2. E

    In search of original description of very old sleight of hand please help

    My Introduction to magic was the amateur magicians handbook by Henry Hay at a young age on a recent trip to powells book store in portland oregon they had a original copy. I studied sleight of hand for about 12 yrs, but lost touch as an adult with this passion of mine. I bought this book with...
  3. SamJ3

    Be honest what is it / two card monte - presentational ideas

    Hello, i perform this trick and I'm petty sure we can all agree that it's a modern classic that always gets good reactions, however I'm looking for a better way to present it, David Blaines 3 card monte theme is good but doesn't at all resonate with my audiences and Joshua Jays presentation...
  4. Derek Humberson

    Your card trick Readers Digest

    I have read Royal Road and Giobbi's Card College Volumes 1 & 2. Was wondering what some other good reads would be other than volumes 3 & 4 of Card College.
  5. Karo-K54

    The Complete Walton

    I've beeb reading the first volume of The Complete Walton, and I have to say that the book is filled with tricks. There are seeral tricks that I do like, and several tricks that I will most probably never do in my life. The book is too long for me to go trick by trick, so could someone pinpoint...
  6. SamTheMagicMan

    Gone Deck Versus Travelling Deck 2.0

    Hi. I was wondering what you guys think is a better trick. Gone Deck by Sin Lim or Travelling Deck 2.0. I have purchased Travelling Deck but I was considering getting Gone Deck instead. I read some reviews and found out that Gone Deck requires a bit of construction for the gimmick. I...
  7. T

    Great. I palmed a card. Now what?

    After a year of avoiding, I finally did it: I learned how to palm cards. I know the top palm, the diagonal palm shift, and the A.P. spread control into a bottom palm (not perfectly, but its getting there). I can comfortably and reliably get a spectators card into my hand without them knowing...
  8. BWarma

    Asian Playing Cards

    Does anyone know if there is any good playing cards from China.
  9. Karo-K54

    Invisible top shot

    I'm a huge fan of the top shot, and will always do it at least once a day, usually in front of the mirror. Several times, when looking at the mirror, I don't even see the card jumping to my hand. This is really incredible, since it opens many possibilities. It could be the best palm reveal ever...
  10. Karo-K54

    Incredible Close Up Magic

    How useful would this book be to me as a card magician? I've taken an interest in Compucard, but I have no idea how the trick actually looks. I know the moves used (Meir Mix, the Card Sorter, Slingshot Snapout). It seems as if the moves used here aren't exclusive, and could be replaced with...
  11. Kiwi_Leatherman

    Judo Flip HELP!!

    Okay guys any tips on the judo flip? I'm having big problems with this and I've been practicing it for months and months, PLEASE HELP!
  12. CardMagicNJ

    Saw a video on how to pick up dropped cards like a boss !! You gotta check this out !! It'll take you to my Reddit page it's on there I learned it from Rise Magic..... It's pretty freaking cool !!!
  13. Justin James

    Question on grand illusions

    Does anyone know of any good books or dvds on stage magic or grand illusions? I plan on starting a stage routine to switch things up from my closeup act. Thank you in advance.
  14. Antonio Diavolo

    Deck Recommendation?

    This might sound like a stupid question but I'm looking for a deck for prom this year. Let me elaborate... My school's prom is more like a party. It's maybe 90% socializing and 10% actual dancing. Last year it was casino themed and this year it's Gatsby themed. So, I thought it would be cool to...
  15. TheMagicGiant

    First try at custom playing cards . . .

    I've spent just a little while designing this deck back. I personally really like it, but I think I may be a bit biased. I was thinking of calling them "Take Flight". If you've got a sec, please reply with your opinions and what you would add/take out. (I haven't done any work on the pips...
  16. Karo-K54

    Breaking In a Deck: Riffles vs. Faros

    In the many guides to breaking in a new deck of cards, they usually say that we should riffle shuffle the deck or faro shuffle the deck (amongst other shuffles, fans and other methods); but not both. What shuffle would you recommend? The pros of the riffle shuffle is that you can do it with a...
  17. Karo-K54

    Difference between "Best" cards and "Bee" decks

    I've been eyeing the "Bee" decks for some time now, and I came across a "Best" deck that belonged to a friend when I went to his house. The tuck case was extremely similar, except that it was "Best" instead of "Bee". The cards were also the same: thick, diamond-backed and borderless. But the...
  18. Karo-K54

    Black Lions Seconds

    What is the defect in David Blaine's Black Lions Seconds for it to be sold for such a low price?
  19. mexican nanny

    what is this called?

    Hey does anyone know what this card swirl thing is called or have any idea on how to do it? It looks a lot like the thing waiters do to napkins in hospitality but i've tried out the method and that doesn't seem to work :/
  20. Karo-K54

    Royal Road To Card Magic Common Misprint?

    After scrutinising RRCM, I've noticed that almost always, the book says "fight hand" instead of "right hand". I would've waved it off as a typographical error, but it kept coming up! Is there a reason the right hand is called the 'fight' hand?
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