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  1. HELLO EVERYBODY! Take a quick peek at your calendar, because it appears to be between Tuesday And Thursday. Which can only mean one thing...
    Ah yes, there is no day like Wednesday game night! Oh it's been so long... yada yada... I missed doing this yada yada... have you gained weight... yada yada...Yeah yeah, you know the drill...

    With all that out of the way lets begin...

    As we all Know American Magician David Blaine is known worldwide for his death defying stunts, stunning accomplishments, and impossible feats. That is why this week's question is simple: What is Mr. Blaine's next stunt?

    As always be creative, and HAVE FUN!

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  2. David Will perform HIS MOST DEATH DEFYING STUNT as he attempts to walk into a magic convention and say "Ya know to be honest, Dai Vernon is honestly overhyped."
  3. David will perform the most impossible trick in history as he will try to get a group of Laymen to watch an entire episode of The Carbonaro Effect!!!

    (This is just for jokes. Ya know I love ya Mikey;))
  4. David will test the limits of what a human body can do! How you may ask? He will secretly spy on a group of magicians as they watch an episode of P&T Fool Us and every time one of them says "I know how to do that!", He will take a shot of Alcohol!

    David said he might hold off on this one. He is scared there might not be enough Alcohol in the world to pull this off.
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  5. 1-Doing a TnR routine with the entire deck at once with his feet

    2- He will try to perform the 21 card trick on the FISM without being stopped and shot with tomatoes and eggs.
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  6. Well, what do you know. Turns out the day this thread was created this imaged leaked. So that’s something

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  7. Hopefully I'm not too late to this forum but...

    Instead of regurgitating frogs, David Blaine will attempt to be regurgitated by a frog!
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  8. It wasn't a leak though, it was a proposed stunt as stated in the article. I don't think David Blaine's poster artist Mark Stutzman would jeopardize future work with him that.

    David Blaine's other proposed stunts:

    "Walk a high wire between Manhattan skyscrapers." -Art

    "The magician plans to be left “alone” in the Tanzanian jungle where 150 people are attacked by wild lions a year with just a TV crew present to film his action" -Celebitchy

    No sleep for 11+ days (to break the current record of 264 hours without sleep.) David Blaine briefly mentioned this stunt on The Joe Rogan Experience #1527. David told Joe he wanted to explain why he never performed this. However, this did not occur.
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  9. Well that’s the last time I trust Reddit to be reliable...
  10. http://www.eloqui.com/work#/david-blaine-art/

    "A proposed stunt with a working title ATLANTIC BOTTLE CROSSING is still in waiting. The plan includes crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a free-floating bottle using natural currents to land him on the European coast after departing from New York City."
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